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Here you will find advice on the best feeding options available. If you have bought your Dane from a reputable breeder and you are happy with the health & condition of their Great Danes, then please follow their feeding advice. You will hopefully have a Dietry sheet included in your puppy pack.

Should you feel that you need dietry advice  I hope you find this page helpful.

Many people fee Raw or Kibble. Some feed both & a variety of both.

KIBBLE FEEDING  There are a huge variety of kibble/dried feeds on the market & would just advise your own research or recommended brands from breeders of healthy, well covered Danes. Try to find a kibble with minimal bulking agents and as natural as possible, lower than 24% protein and 12-14% fat, as a rough guide. The best dried food should contain balanced blends of minerals, proteins, meats, antioxidants, pro-biotics and essential fatty acids

RAW FEEDING  Advantages being fewer allergies (if any), good dental health & smaller stools (since no bulking agents).

A link to the article on Raw feeding in our Annual 2021 (coming soon)

Dietry Information