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Est. 1948

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PLEASE SEND YOUR UPDATED JUDGING CV’S TOGETHER WITH PASS CERTIFICATES to: Mrs O. Bates, Heyescroft, Northwich Road, Stanthorne, Middlewich. CW10 9JE if you would like to be included on the Great Dane Breed Council Judges List . Remember A3, B & C lists need to re-apply annually.


Membership of the Breed Council shall be open to all UK Kennel Club (“The Kennel Club”) registered Great Dane Clubs (together the Member Breed Clubs”).   


* The Breed Council shall make recommendations to The Kennel Club regarding applications to register new Great Dane Breed Societies.

* The Breed Council is to be the consultative and information centre of excellence for the breed.

* The Breed Council shall not have executive powers.

* The Breed Council may not make changes / alterations to a Great Dane Breed Clubs Rules / Constitution.

* The Breed Council shall not request / recommend to The Kennel club, changes to the Great Dane Breed Standard without agreement of 75%of the Member Breed Clubs.

* The Breed Council shall not be eligible to hold any Kennel Club licensed event.

* The Breed Council shall not be able to join any Federation of Societies or Clubs.

* The Breed Council shall consider any matter referred to it by The Kennel Club.

* The Breed Council shall maintain a Hereditary Register in conjunction with the breed’s Health Co-Ordinator.

The Health Co-Ordinator shall be responsible for raising the awareness of health and Welfare matters affecting Great Danes.

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