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PLEASE SEND YOUR UPDATED JUDGING CV’S TOGETHER WITH PASS CERTIFICATES to: Mrs O. Bates, Heyescroft, Northwich Road, Stanthorne, Middlewich. CW10 9JE if you would like to be included on the Great Dane Breed Council Judges List . Remember A3, B & C lists need to re-apply annually.

For application forms and updated qualification requirements click here



Membership of the Breed Council shall be open to all UK Kennel Club (“The Kennel Club”) registered Great Dane Clubs (together the Member Breed Clubs”).   


* The Breed Council shall make recommendations to The Kennel Club regarding applications to register new Great Dane Breed Societies.

* The Breed Council is to be the consultative and information centre of excellence for the breed.

* The Breed Council shall not have executive powers.

* The Breed Council may not make changes / alterations to a Great Dane Breed Clubs Rules / Constitution.

* The Breed Council shall not request / recommend to The Kennel club, changes to the Great Dane Breed Standard without agreement of 75%of the Member Breed Clubs.

* The Breed Council shall not be eligible to hold any Kennel Club licensed event.

* The Breed Council shall not be able to join any Federation of Societies or Clubs.

* The Breed Council shall consider any matter referred to it by The Kennel Club.

* The Breed Council shall maintain a Hereditary Register in conjunction with the breed’s Health Co-Ordinator.

The Health Co-Ordinator shall be responsible for raising the awareness of health and Welfare matters affecting Great Danes.

2020 AGM

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