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Useful Links

Here is a list of other like minded organisations supporting and promoting the health and welfare of the Great Dane with links to their websites.    


Royal Canin

Rescue & Re-homing

Great Dane Care (Liz and Gordon Davies)  Tel:01267 290317 or 01792 424401

National Great Dane Rescue Tel: 0870 8504536

The Great Dane Adoption Society Tel: 0870 787 4691  

Scottish Great Dane Club Rescue Tel:Mrs J Ross 07711124623 or Mrs C Cunningham 01383 622867 after 7pm

UK Clubs and Organisations

Great Dane Breed Council    Secretary Mrs Olivia Bates  Tel: 01606 737444

The Great Dane Club   Tel: 01235 814533

Midland & West of England Great Dane Club     EMAIL    Tel: 07793 555656

Northern Great Dane Club    EMAIL    Acting Secretary Mrs Olivia Bates  Tel: 01606 737444

The Great Dane Club of Wales   Tel: 0117 956 0664   email:  honsecgdcw@gmail.com

East of England Great Dane Club    Tel: 01733 222273

Pennine Great Dane Club   : EMAIL    Tel: 0191 584 7836

South-Western Great Dane Club    Tel: 01934 712477

Scottish Great Dane Club    Tel: 01560 321095

Great Dane Breeders and Owners Association    Tel: 01474 703470

The Great Dane Association of Ireland   Hon Sec Mr Brian Malone  0892065577 newgdai@gmail.com

The Irish Great Dane Club Hon Sec.Mr John R. Walsh

The Kennel Club UK  UK Internet dog directory - Dog Club

The Irish KC

Overseas Clubs and Organisations

Australian Breed Directory

Great Dane Club of New South Wales

Great Dane Club of America a good site with many interesting articles on Dane health.

www.danelinks.com  American Great Dane Website

Other Links

H&W Print Printers of our Annual

www.arenaprint.co.uk  For show schedules and Online entries

www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/publications/journal/   Latest Kennel Club journals

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