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On 9/9/2018 Mr Neil Morgan was unanimously voted in as our Acting Secretary due to Sarah Tempests reluctant resignation from the post, having upcoming surgery and other commitments. Sarah will be staying on the committee in her role as Social Secretary            


Neil would like to introduce himself to you all…..

I have been involved in the dog world since the age of 12. A long time ago………

My chosen breed way back then was Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, “Hywillhaze”. I lived in the same village as the late great Molly Cocker, “Homerbrent”. We would travel to many a show together and in those days many a trip was on a dog coach. I remember vividly leaving Newton Abbot railway station at 11pm at night to make it to the championship shows of Scotland.

I took a sabbatical from dog showing to raise a family and have returned to the world of Great Danes. This is entirely my wife’s fault who has wanted one since the age of seven. We have both fallen totally in love with the breed and could now not foresee living without one.

However, my involvement within the dog scene was still strong, helping my parents run the Devon County Dog Show (3-Day event) these past 35 years. My mother judges in the Toy and Utility groups at championship shows and my late father was Group steward at Crufts, Windsor and Richmond shows.

Not much has changed over the years, except the drastic full in numbers. Whilst this is undoubtedly due to many reasons, expense probably being high on the list. The sheer vast array of breeds on offer today has clearly contributed.

It is with Great Honour that I take on the reins of Secretary (Acting) and will commit 100% enthusiasm to the role. We have a great team at M&WEGDC that I know will help and assist and many a helping hand I have found within the Great Dane community as well.

I appreciate we have different opinions and debate is always healthy but let us not forget we are all volunteers and we all love our Great Danes. It is particularly important to me that Great Dane clubs work together and support each other, we are after all on the same side.

Kind regards

Neil Morgan

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