to be held at the Midland & West Great Dane Club Colour Format Open show on Sunday 2nd February.

We have 20 lots for sale by auction again donated by Cyril Bishton & family, there are no reserves and again all proceeds go to Liz & Gordon Davies Great Dane Care Charitable Trust.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank/credit card.

If you are unable to attend the show and would like to make a bid for any lots please contact me with your best and final bid by private message or text 07720025906.

Lot One - Framed picture of six Danes by Marcia Van Woert circa 1992. Limited edition 31/500 (glass broken)

Lot Two - Harlequin Great Dane sat down statue.

Lot Three - Fawn statue

Lot Four - Dane having a scratch statue

Lot Five - Dane Fawn Statue

Lot Six - 2 x Deutsche Dogge wall plates

Lot Seven - Dane head 12 inches high

Lot Eight - fawn dane statue sitting down

Lot Nine - 2 x Glass Vases (1) The Great Dane Club 2018 Res BIS (2) Great Dane Club of Wales 2017 Dog CC

Lot Ten - framed print limited edition 358/500 of four Dane heads by Marcia Van Woert circa 1992.

Lot Eleven - Brindle Great Dane Statue

Lot Twelve - 5 Dane books by various Authors

Lot Thirteen - Marble statue of Dane sitting

Lot Fourteen - ‘A Word In Your Ear’ a limited edition 202/500 framed picture by Steven Nesbitt circa 2005.

Lot Fifteen - Mother Dane and Puppy Statue

Lot Sixteen - Dane statue on wooden plynth

Lot Seventeen - wall mounted Brindle and Fawn heads.

Lot Eighteen - Dane on a wooden plynth

Lot Nineteen - Mutts N Me dog collar

Lot Twenty - Framed Limited edition 252/500 picture of five Danes by Mick Causton circa 1992.

There are no reserves on any of the lots. The committee reserves the right to sell any lot prior to auction (subject to payment being received prior to the day of the auction/show).

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

If you are unable to attend the show/auction and would like to bid or you require any information you can contact Nigel White either by phone, text or email.

Tel 07720025906 or

Mr Cyril Bishton & family have kindly donated all lots with all the proceeds from the Auction sale going to Liz & Gordon’s Great Dane Care.