The Midland & West Of England Great Dane Club

28th July 2019

First of all, thanks to the committee for the invitation and their enthusiasm on a demanding day and the professionalism that was evident as soon as you arrive. My main thanks though must go to the exhibitors who firstly entered under me and kept smiling despite the awful rain.

Special Veteran Dog (2,1)

1. Flanagan: Dainmajik Dante For Soupury.  9 year old well-constructed boy enjoying his day out.  A bit grey in places with a dignified look, decent length of neck, good front with strong bone and forechest.  Moved relatively soundly on very good feet and pasterns.

Minor Puppy Dog (5,1)

1. Barnet: Dainoak Dreams of Blue.  8 month blue boy edging this class on being more mature and presenting a better profile.  Decent head, good mouth, clean neck and good forehand.  Has good feet and reasonably tight front.  Topline was pleasing and rear angulation was adequate.  On the move was pretty much together and straight. BPD.

2. Baker: Sensidane All In With Preveli (AI) (naf).  6 month fawn showing a lot of promise with well-balanced head, elegant neck flowing into good shoulders.  Nice and straight in front and on good feet.  Still bum high so not giving profile of 1 but a couple of months and a bit of development on his muscling will make him a different proposition.

3. Henshall: Calchas Zipper De Dodar.

4. Harrison: Dhaliwalhof Oakwood.

Puppy Dog (1,1)

Junior Dog (2,1)

1. Mackenzie: Carsan Vincent.  15 month blue with good muzzle length and strength.  Good forechest, lay of shoulder and straight front.  Decent topline but dropped a bit being shy re his rear end.  Has enough rear angulation but tends to stand under himself a bit.  Easy on the move with fair reach and drive.

Yearling Dog (1,0)

1. Harding: Quicksilver Delta Velorum at Daneheart (Imp POL).  18 month harlequin that presents a nice profile with decent head, neck, topline and good rear angulation.  However, his front is not his fortune and we have a problem moving.  He was being strung up to hold him back and result was hackneying and something for his owner/handler to evaluate and work on.

Novice Dog (0,0)

Graduate Dog (2,0)

1. Mackenzie: Carsan Vincent Class.

2. Ingram: Allours Majik of Dainmajik.  A harlequin of just a year old, promising but distracted by wanting his mum.  He has a nice head, neck, feet and topline but pulling sideways on the move managed to pull off an escape move and get back to mum.

Post Graduate Dog (2,0)

1. Robinson: Preveli Be Yourself.  5 ½ year old fawn with decent head, bone and feet.  However a bit upright in shoulder giving a sloping topline and his rear angulation being very good exaggerated it.  Had good rear drive.

2. Bliss & Hitcham: Joopstar The Sovereign.  5 year old mantle and a reluctant participant today.  Actually, has quite a nice body shape and I saw glimpses of movement that looked good but did himself no justice.

Limit Dog (2,0)

1. Griffin & Grierson: Griffindane Athos.  2 year old fawn with well-balanced chiselled head, good length of neck that runs cleanly into a good forehand.  Strong topline but would prefer more angulation through his stifles.  Moves pretty well on good feet.

2. Wallis: Adoreadane Just That Jazz For Danojan.  3 year old mantle that I really liked, looking good in head, neck and fore with balancing rear and on good tight feet.  However, he was another who loves his mum and ruined everything on the move.  Even when he couldn’t see her he was looking and listening and making it impossible for his runner.

Open Dog (0,0)

Special Beginners Dog (2,0)

1. Barnet: Dainoak Dreams Of Blue.

2. Bliss & Hitcham: Joopstar The Sovereign.

Special Open – Fawn Dog (4,0)

1. Bithell: Bourntwyn Rags To Riches.  2 year old, and mighty impressive he is.  From head to tail he presents a beautiful profile with plenty in front and plenty behind.  He is well-balanced in head and also front and rear with no real weaknesses.  My only wish is that he would give a bit more when moving as this is main reason he lost out later on.  BD and BOS.

2. Ingram: Dainmajik The Wizard (AI).  Another super boy of 5 years old.  Impressive in head and neck but his lay of shoulder not as good as 1 and therefore not so much forechest.  Good bone and feet, strong loin but as front not having the angulation to match 1.  As he was still balanced, he moved very well and the one area where he outscored the class winner.

3. Robinson: Preveli Be Yourself.

4. Harrison: Dhaliwalhof Oakwood.

Special Open – Brindle Dog (1,1)

Special Open – Harlequin Dog (3,1)

1. Cook: Ziran Zlatko.  3 ½ year old with good profile having decent front and rear angulation.  His head is not the best, but had good bone and feet.  Moved strongly with good reach and drive.

2. Harding: Quicksilver Delta Velorum at Daneheart (Imp POL).

Special Open – Blue Dog (0,0)

Special Open – Black Dog (0,0)

Special Open – Mantle Dog (2,0)

1. Wallis: Adoreadane Just That Jazz For Danojan.

2. Bliss & Hitcham: Joopstar The Sovereign.

Special Veteran Bitch (2,0)

1. Ingram: Dainmajik The Sorceress ShCM.  8 year old fawn classy bitch and has to be to beat 2.  Very impressive in stature with balanced head held high, lovely clean neck and solid forehand.  Good body and plenty of rear angulation.  Moves lovely and was a real genuine contender in the bitch challenge.  Well-deserved Best Veteran.

2. Humphries: Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton ShCM.  7 year old fawn who pushed 1 all the way.  Slighter in stature but well-balanced throughout presenting a lovely picture but feet not as tight as 1 and couldn’t quite match her in movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1. Cranfield: Santanna Dazzling Spirit at Zefather.  Beautiful fawn girl just turned 8 months.  Really like all this youngster has from feminine head with good eyes and balance to elegance of neck, well-laid shoulders and good feet.  Still just a tad bum high but has good angulation, croup and tail-set.  Smooth moving girl and one that has a bright future.  BP

Puppy Bitch (4,2)

1. Page & Concannon: Glamour Girl V Rosherta at Novavida.  10 month black elegant girl with nice feminine head, clean neck of good length and decent forehand.  Has good feet, ok for bone and presents a nice profile.  Moves well and pretty much together for a youngster.

2. Abbott: Nikami Serenade.  9 month brindle that I liked but for some reason wasn’t really settled.  Had a good head, neck, front and moved soundly.

Junior Bitch (3,1)

1. Cranfield: Zefathers Sweet Child O’mine BJWNL19.  15 month very promising fawn bitch having a well-balanced head, well-chiselled and feminine.  Elegant neck leading into a well-laid shoulder and strong topline.  Good in forechest, bone and feet and once settled moved powerfully with good reach and drive which was the deciding factor in her challenge against the dog for RBIS.

2. Mackenzie: Carsan Savanna.  15 month blue girl not over keen on standing and even on stack held herself tucked under.  Actually, a pretty nice girl, with a good head and neck but not having the lay of shoulder to match 1.  Moved pretty well.

Yearling Bitch (2,0)

1. Southgate: Empress Elivira v Rosherta JW (Imp NLD).  18 month black very stylish bitch.  Very nice in head and good length of neck into a decent lay of shoulder.  Strong topline, rump and decent bend through her stifle.  Pulled a bit on the move but still a strong mover.

2. Bliss: Calchas Yodella over Stagbatch.  19 month harlequin bitch with decent head and neck length but not quite the lay of shoulder of 1 which in turn didn’t give her the same topline.  Has good bone and feet.

Novice Bitch (3,1)

1. Cranfield: Santanna Dazzling Spirit at Zefather.

2. Abbott: Nikami Serenade.

Graduate Bitch (0,0)

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)

1. Cranfield: Zefathers Sweet Child O’mine BJWNL19

2. Southgate: Empress Elivira v Rosherta JW (Imp NLD).

Limit Bitch (3,0)

1. Abbott: Nikami The Lyrical ShCM.  4 year old fawn bitch, winner of a nice class.  Elegant head and neck and good lay of shoulder.  Good forechest, bone and feet.  Won by having a topline I preferred with a strong loin and rump, and for me just the better profile.

2. Barrett: Bourntwyn Presleys Girl by Rioco.  2 year fawn bitch with the same head and elegance as her sister.  Lovely forehand, good straight front and tight feet.  This girl probably just needs a bit longer to mature into a top performer.

3. White: Jutlander’s Are You Ready JW (Imp DNK)

Open Bitch (1,0)

1. Bithell: CH Bourntwyn By My Side JW.  2 year old fawn bitch that has it all.  Style, elegance, substance and class.  Quality head, clean elegant neck and solid forehand with plenty in front.  Strong topline, rump and presents a lovely profile.  Her construction shows in her movement as it comes easy and she has plenty of reach and drive.  Super girl and delighted to award her BB and ultimately BIS.

Special Beginners Bitch (1,1)

Special Open – Fawn Bitch (3,0)

1. Cranfield: Zefathers Sweet Child O’mine BJWNL19

2. Ingram: Dainmajik The Sorceress ShCM.  

3. Barrett: Bourntwyn Presleys Girl by Rioco.

Special Open – Brindle Bitch (0,0)

Special Open – Harlequin Bitch (2,1)

1. Bliss: Calchas Yodella over Stagbatch.

Special Open – Blue Bitch (1,1)

Special Open – Black Bitch (3,0)

1. Southgate: Empress Elivira v Rosherta JW (Imp NLD).

2. Mackenzie: Carsan Madame Cheng.  2 ½ year old who pushed 1 here nearly all the way. Good in head neck and shoulder though a little weaker in pastern and just lost form at the end.

3. Page & Concannon: Glamour Girl V Rosherta at Novavida.

Brace (1,0)

1. Bithell.  What a super pair and a brave lady parading these two around a wet and slippery ring.  BIS and BOS together – a fitting finale as it turned out.

Team (0,0)

Roger Cruden (Shamsky) – Judge.