I  would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge bitches at this very prestigious show. I haven’t judged bitches in this country since 2015 so was very excited at the prospect.  I would also like to thank my very able stewards, Jackie & Chris Woods. We have some very knowledgeable, ernest breeders in this country with some very exciting youngsters. However, we are seeing many with too much length through the loin, which often produces soft toplines and effects movement. Front assembly is still a problem, steep shoulders and upper arms which shortens front movement as they are unable to fully extend. Also steep croups which again effects hind movement. I cannot also not mention handling. There are some very good handlers, they are at one with their dogs, they talk and have a repore with them, they have put the work in. Then we have the ones that tow their dogs into the ring, no encouraging words, they don’t walk them into position but push and shove them into it. Then, after planting every leg firmly into the ground, still with no kind words  expect them to ‘show’. It saddens and upsets me to see this, please, be gentle with  this beautiful, sensitive breed, talk to them, encourage them with praise, be patient, put the work in  and you will reap the results. Rant over.  


M/P 1st. Cubitt, Annadanes Turkana, Just 6 months, Very pretty blue girl really caught my eye by her overall proportions. Feminine head, with good length, flat cheeks, dark eye, good ear carriage. Long neck into correct front assembly. Good depth  of brisket to elbows,strong topline and croup. Moved out well, keeping her shape for such a baby, sympathetically handled 2nd. McGuiness,Nelson & Hooker. Garsak I Surrender Dinahtron, 7mnth fawn baby, plenty of bone and substance, well balanced head with super dark mask and dark eye. Lovely type and proportions. Just preferred topline of winner today. Patiently handled. 3rd. King, Dolby & Beall, Eppwood Indiana.  Puppy. 1st McLellan, Jutlander’s Bat Out Of Hell to Anadain. Quality fawn girl of 9 mnths. Feminine head with correct planes and depth of muzzle, dark mask and eye with good ear carriage, super reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, deep through the brisket, well sprung ribs, although plenty of length through loin, strong quarters  Moved well covering the ground effortlessly. Beat her brother for Best Puppy In Show. What a quality litter. Well handled. A bright future. 2nd. Morgan-Evans, & Webb, Vanmore Catch The Eye. Substantial  fawn of 10mnths with plenty of substance and bone. Pretty head with dark eye and mask, long, crested neck into well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm, well sprung ribs, would have preferred a stronger topline, well handled, moved ok. 3rd. Simpson, Renescent Gin and Juice.  Junior. 1st. Faulder, Keirkane’s Picture Perfect at Elvantiedane. This beautiful bitch presents a classic outline, full of quality. Pretty, balanced  head with melting expression, dark eye and mask. Good length of neck flowing  into correct shoulder placement, well filled front with legs well under in line with withers. Good spring of rib with clean tuck up, good topline, croup with strong quarters, covered the ground effortlessly whilst keeping her shape.Very promising and handled sympathetically to Reserve Bitch In Show. 2nd. Ryan’s, Kierkane’s Poetry In Motion. Another quality girl, my notes for these two were very similar and it wasn’t until I started my critique that I realised they were sisters. I was splitting hairs with these two as they both have similar attributes. Just preferred the firmness of winners topline today. Quality girl and I  am sure will change places in the future, the breeder must be

very proud to have bred these two beauts. Just thought the winner just had the edge today. Well handled. 3rd. Cranfield, Santanna Dazzling Spirit at Zefather. Well handled. Yearling. 1st. McGuiness, Nelson-McGuiness & Burns. Ch. Dinahtron Rags To Riches.  Quality girl, with correct proportions. Feminine , balanced head with lovely expression, dark eye and mask. Long , clean neck into well laid shoulders, deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Strong quarters  which she used to power herself round the ring. Well handled. A bright future. 2nd. Cranfield, Zefathers Sweet Child of Mine. Feminine girl, lovely balance to head, dark eye and muzzle. Long neck into well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm, elbows well under with filled front. Strong through the second thigh, just preferred croup of winner. I am sure these two will change places, I hate nit picking  a close decision. 3rd.Southgate, Empress Elivira v Rosherta. Novice. 1st Cubitt, Annadanes Turkana. 1st in MP. Post Graduate. 1st Ryan’s, Kierkane’s Poetry In Motion.  Placed 2nd Junior. 2nd. Jacques & Kirby, Vanmore Veronica at Jacqukir. Very feminie head with good proportions, dark eye and mask. Long neck with deep brisket, clean tuck up, strong second thigh, would prefer slightly more angulation to shoulders and upper arm however covered the ground well ,sympathetically handled. 3rd. Holland, Axeford Arizona of Dramalex. Limit. 1st. McGowan, Shlarra Picture Perfect at Penmarlam. Slightly darker fawn, very neat all through with pretty, balanced headpiece, dark eyes and mask good ear carriage. Long neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline and quarters, well sprung ribs with good flow to tuck up and strong second thigh. Covered the ground effortlessly, well handled.  2nd. Barratt, Bourntwyn Presleys Girl by Rioco. Pretty girl with very feminine, balanced  head  with dark eye and mask. Long neck with firm topline and good croup set. Deep through the brisket with good return of upper arm. Would have preferred a slightly better lay of shoulder. Moved out well. Sp. Veteran  1st. Price, Ch. Leamap Iron Maiden. Very smart blue, feminine head with good planes, flat cheeks, deep through the muzzle, Stood square with long neck into well laid shoulders and upper arm. Deep through the brisket with good sprung of ribs legs well under. Strong through the quarters and moved out really well covering the ground with ease. Well handled. 2nd. Ingram, Dainmajik The Sorceress, lovely proportions  to this fawn girl. Balanced headpiece with dark eye and shaded mask. Carrying more substance than winner.  Moved really well. 3rd. Kelleway, Jaemluk’s Dannie of Clunton. Sp. Open Blue, 1st. Price. Ch. Leamap Iron Maiden. 1st in previous class. 2nd. Kelleway. Dornoir Lucian. Smart blue, just 2yrs old. Stronger through the head than winner, however my notes read, very smart, well balanced  with good topline which she held on the move covering the ground with ease, good second thigh. Sp.Open Black. 1st. Southgate, Empress Elivira Rosherta, 3rd in Yearling. 2nd. Middleton, Rayjen Campaing for Dornoir. Very neat black bitch. Feminie head with long neck into well laid shoulders, good flow to topline and croup. Preferred movement of winner, close decision. 3rd. Middleton, Taysca Must De Cartier at Dornoir.Sp. Open Brindle, 1st. Searle, Ch. Droolakiss Miss Busy Body at Murrayvhayle. Beautiful, well marked brindle girl I have often admired from the ringside. Stood alone today. Full of quality, balanced headpiece with dark eye and natural ear carriage. Long neck which flows into well laid shoulders, firm topline and croup. Deep through the brisket with well sprung ribs and filled front. Moved soundly but have seen her move with more drive. A worthy champion.  Sp. Open Fawn. 1st. Pendleton-Watkins, Ch. Zefather’s What It Takes. Another quality fawn girl that’s ‘Got what it takes’. Super type with  quality Very pretty, balanced  headpiece with dark eyes and endearing expression. Long flowing neck into well laid shoulders and upper arm. Deep brisket with good sprung ribs of ribs,  good tuckup, level topline flowing to  good croup and second thigh. Moved out well holding her shape well.  2nd. Camburn, Ch. Garsak Still Game. Femine headpiece with soft expression, dark eyes and mask. Well balanced fore and aft, preferred topline of winner. Well handled. S. Open Harlequin. 1st. Henshall, Calchas Yandamar Yours.  Lightly marked harli,  balanced throughout, Feminine head with long foreface, flat cheeks and dark eye, clean long neck with good lay of shoulder, level topline with good croup set. Well let down through the brisket with good tuck up, good turn of stifle. Moved out well. 2nd. Tempest, Ch. Adoreadane Just The Ticket. Beautifully marked harli, loved her head and long neck into shoulders, firm topline and croup, good turn of stifle. Deep through the brisket and covered the ground well, would prefer better upper arm angulation. 3rd. Middleton, Damarkann Illicit Love For Dornoir.  S. Open Mantle.  1st Walton, Int Ch. Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry at Ravendane. Stood alone, Well marked,  smart with good balance to head, Well laid shoulders flowing into level topline with strong croup. Good angulation fore and aft, moved out well using her strong quarters.  Open Bitch. 1st. Bithell, Ch. Bourntwyn By My Side. Upstanding, eye catching fawn girl with  quality, elegance, size and substance. Beautifully, balanced, well chiselled head with dark eye and good ear carriage and melting expression. She stands four square, balanced all through and doesn’t stop showing. On the move , she has dash and dare and she covers the ground effortlessly keeping her level topline and driving off with her strong quarters.  Well handled to CC & BOB.  2nd. White, Jutlanders are You ready,  another really smart fawn girl, loved her type, with good proportions, well balanced and very sound. Very pretty head with dark eyes and muzzle. Long neck into well set shoulders and upper arm,  filled front, deep brisket with legs well under. Level topline with strong croup. Moved out really well, sympathetically handled. 3rd. Ch, Culseandanes House of Tully.