I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to do my first cc appointment. I enjoyed my day and had some stunning examples to lay my hands on.

Minor Puppy Dog 6 (2)

1st Lipman & Booth`s Rimor Aurelius. 6 month old very large boned dark brindle boy who is very raw as you would expect at this age, beautiful head plans with the darkest of eyes long, arched neck going into good lay of shoulder, nice topline which he held well on the move. Correct bend of stifle. He moved very well for his age; he will be an exciting puppy to watch as he matures & strengthens.

2nd Camburn`s garsak Sir Otis, 6-month-old fawn with a beautiful expression helped by a dark mask and kind dark eyes, good strong long neck but preferred 1`s shoulders & croup. Good topline had a stringer hind movement then 1.

3rd Hewett`s Brooke Springtime.

Puppy Dog 4 (2)

1st Jacques & Kirby`s Jacqukir No Regrets. Wow, Just wow, I am sure the owners will have no regrets keeping this boy, large upstanding 10 month old fawn with the kindest of expressions, his head is already well defined, excellent plans, dark eye and correct set ears which where not to big. When you see the side profile of this boy it is so easy to forget his age. He has a correct length of neck for his build with good lay of shoulder. Plenty of flat bone and tight feet. Firm topline and nice croup, strong well-conditioned rear which he used to his advantage on the move. This boy just must have a very exciting future. Dog RCC and with my co judge’s agreement Best puppy in Show.

2nd Thurlby`s Justinian Casanova. 9-month-old fawn with a stunning expression, correct head planes going into a good strong neck and well laid shoulders, good angulation fore and aft and good fill of chest. Had a very pleasing side gate which relaxed with owner, I preferred front movement of my winner.

Junior Dog 3 (2)

1st Southgate’s Malbecio Back to Black This 12 month old black boy was certainly making his handler work for her money, correct chiselled head with correct bite, good arch neck going into ok shoulders. Good strong topline, Good flat bone and cat like feet, enough rear angulation. Movement was hard to assess. Would like to see him again once settled and matured in brain.

Yearling Dog 2 (0)

1st Chappell`s Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI) This Brindle boy has the must gentle of expressions, correct dark eye and ear placement, correct dentition, good strong neck going into correct lay of shoulder. Holding his topline on the move and gives a beautiful side profile. Was short listed to my final 4 for top honours.

2nd Nunn`s Roshanun Volare, very large framed Harlequin who was a bit unsure of himself. Head a little broad in back skull, correct dentition, and clean dark eye, he needs time to mature as he was lacking in chest which overall affected his lose movement.    

Novice Dog 3 (2)

1st Robinsons Droolakiss Triple Minor

Post Graduate Dog 6 (2)

1st Abbott`s Nikami Leap of Romance This male stood out in this class from the start, he gives a very pleasing side profile when stood. Correct head plans would like darker eye. Good strong arched neck going into ok shoulders, & correct rear angulation well filled front, tight cat like feet, good topline. moved around the ring with ease.

2nd Barnett`s Dainoak Dreams Of Blue at Dreamdiamont, 3 year old blue in good hard condition, a little long cast which makes his topline a little soft, a little broad in back skull and short in foreface.

Limit Dog 7 (1)

1st Dyson`s Samdice Nobody Does it Betta (AI) well nobody did it better today that’s for sure, what a top drawer Brindle. He out moved everyone in this class and was totally balanced. His Head is so square, they say 2 bricks, well he has them, the darkest of masks and dark eyes makes you melt, he has a long elegant neck fitting such well made shoulders, no creases anywhere. Good well filled front with plenty of heart room. Plenty of bone with a solid topline and excellent croup, good rear angulation which put together helped him drive around the ring in harmony with his handler. In the line up where he had more room to stretch out even more I could not denier him the DCC.

2nd Sneddon & Lawton`s Garsak Sir Mason at Thornbrae Another well balance dog that was unlucky to meet the winner, beautiful kind expression and dark eye, excellent lay of shoulder and rear angulation good topline which he held on the move, I did call him back in to challenge for the Rcc as he deserved to be in the lineup.

3rd Hogarth`s Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind (imp USA )

Special Veteran Dog 2 (0)

1st Cook`s Ziran Zlatko 7 year old well marked Harlequin big strapping male and he held himself so well, good topline and good rear angulation, excellent dentition which were  so very very white. He moved very sound and my co judge agreed to award him Best Veteran in show. So well deserved.

2nd Robinson`s Preveli be yourself 8-year-old fawn that was really showing his age. He looked like a noble gentleman with his grey markings, he has the kindest softest expression that melts you, he has a good topline and correct rear angulation, he went around the ring nicely with his owner. Well done.

Special Open Blue Dog 6 (4 )

1st Hewett`s Brooke Springtime 8  month old who was 3rd in minor puppy, nice balanced puppy for age giving a very nice side profile, good cat like feet, correct head plans for his age, enough angulation fore & aft, I will look forward to watching him mature. Good luck with him

2nd Cubitt`s Floyds surprise at Zebeldane.

Special Open Black Dog 2 (0)  

1st Simpson`s Renecent Caught In A Spell (AI) 2 year old male but still very much a baby, Correct head plans lovely long arched neck going into ok shoulders. Good strong topline and rear angulation. Pasterns need to tighten moved a little lose.

2nd Southgate`s Malbecio Back To Black

Special Open Brindle Dog 1 (0)

1st Butt`s Drooklakiss Midas Touch. A very large framed male, head a bit broad and foreface could be longer he is a little long cast with plenty of rear angulation. Moved ok    

Special Open Fawn Dog 4 (1)

1st Sneddon & Booth Ch Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp. Very Balanced male with excellent head plans and nice dark eye, lovely arched neck into well laid shoulders, well filled front moved out well holding a correct topline.

2nd Mitchell`s Oldcharm Markus a very elegant male with excellent head plans and kind expression. Long neck going into well laid shoulders, good topline giving a good side profile, lost out to winning to movement.

3rd Robinson`s Droolakiss Tripe Miner

Special open Harlequin Dog 3 (2)

1st Pocock`s Nordic Giant`s  Leopold at Tamzdane (imp) Large framed well marked harli, beautiful kind expression, correct dentition, arched neck going into ok shoulders, this boy still has a lot of growing to do, I will watch with interest once matured. Already well filled chest and excellent feet, strong level topline which he holds well on the move.

Special Open Mantle 2 (0)

1st Burton`s Ch Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol Correctly marked mantle that is so well put together, excellent head plans with a dark kind eye long arch neck into well laid shoulders. Strong topline which he holds on the move of which he has plenty of reach and drive.

2nd Kelleway`s Damarkann Marquisite , this boy doesn’t have the elegance of the winner and was outmoved.

Open Dog 6 (3)

Wow I was spoilt in this class 3 very worthy champions and I was just splitting hairs.

1st Thurlby`s Ch Santanna Special Legacy at Justinian , elegant but all male fawn, correct head plans, dark eye. Uses his ears to really enhance his expression, long arched neck going into well laid shoulders, plenty of flat bone and cat like feet, good topline which he holds correctly on the move, another top drawer dog which I short listed for the CC. best mover in this class.

2md Donnelly & Toohey`s Primus Breakin Rules. This dog in profile is  as close to my interpretation  of the breed standard as you can get. He has correct head plans with the kindest expression, dark eyes and uses his eye to perfection, beautiful long swan like neck going into well laid shoulders, well filled front and tight feet, holds his toppling on the stand and on the move, he just lost out on rear movement to one, I had to be that picky.

3rd Bailey`s Ch PRIMUS Great Gatsby JW.

Judge Miss J Cranfield ( Zefather )