Midland & West of England Great Dane Club Championship Show 05/12/2021 John Lockey.


Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this show, for the hospitality on the day and the lovely gift.

Thanks also to the efficient stewards who kept the ring running smoothly throughout the day and especially the helpful ring announcements.

I had a most enjoyable day being really pleased with the principal winners. In the most part my decisions were accepted with sportsmanship and good grace. I was really pleased with the entry being numerically strong at this time of falling entries.

Minor Puppy (4/0)

1st Morgan Mr. N.   Rimor  Athena`s Kyss. 6 months dark brindle of most attractive colour and striping.

Good head shape, parallel plains and stop beginning to break. Correct shape, dark eye. Good dentition. Well balanced with good length of neck. Straight bone and tight feet. Good top line and really lovely croup set. Well angulated rear with correct bend of stifle. Moved out well, good stride. All in all a lovely puppy who I am sure has a bright future.

2nd Pocock Miss and Mrs T and L.   Tamzdane Bananas Of The Rum. 6 month Harli of nice torn even patches on clear background. Pleasing head, good dentition and correct dark eye.   Good straight bone on tight feet. A well balanced youngster with good topline and croup well held on the move.

 Puppy (5/0)

1st Fletcher Ms. S.   Justinian Bea My Sweetheart. Well grown 9 months fawn with black mask. Good dark eye, desirable quizzical expression. Nice length of foreface, correct dentition. Nicely balanced with good length of neck. Straight bone, needs to fill a bit more in front, this I am sure, will come with time. A good topline standing but did soften slightly on the move, however did move out well and covered the ground using well angulated rear to advantage. Seemed to enjoy her outing with her waggy tail.

2nd Pococks` Tamzdane Bananas Of Rum, (where did you get that name?)

 Junior (6/1)

1st Fletchers` Justinian Bea My Sweetheat.

2nd Smith & Wisniewski Mr & Mr. S. E.   Samdice Ali Di Liberta with Bondor. 14 month fawn. Pleasing head shape. Dark eye of correct shape. Standing a bit toe in at the front. Balanced , short coupled bitch. Nice tuck up. Adequate bend of stifle and moved well.

 Yearling (6/1)

This class was headed up by the star of the day who went on, with the  agreement of co-judge,

to BIS,

1st Teese Mrs & Mr T & R.   Nikami Leap Of Faith For Teeseedane. I am delighted to be informed that todays CC awarded, subject to confirmation, this bitch of top quality her title. Many congratulations to all concerned. She not only looked the part but handled extremely well she didn`t put a foot wrong. So well balanced and flows from tip to toe. Standing four square with correct angles front and rear. Good topline and croup well held as she moves out covering the ground, good front reach and driving from the rear. Well filled front, good tuck up giving the most pleasing outline.

2nd Chappell Mrs. L and A.    Ch Selmalda Oh Lori. Young fawn bitch of type and quality. Good outline and typical head piece good length of foreface. Moved with drive and purpose in profile but has a tendency to pin in front.

 Novice (6/1)

1st Kingsley Ms K.  Dainoak Forever In Blu Genes. 14 months blue.  Straight bone and tight feet. Correct eye shape and kind expression. Good top line well held and moved well when she settled. Nicely balanced if a little upright at the shoulder.

2nd Strano Mr J.  Fontanarossa  Nevada. Young blue bitch of 10 months. Well grown but would prefer a straighter front. Really didn`t settle on the move.

 Post Graduate (7/3)

1st Herring Mr M.  Noziaro Alula. 2 yo red fawn with black mask Dark eye, good length of foreface. Well filled front with good straight bone. Good length of neck flowing into a level topline well held. Good bend of stifle providing drive on rear movement. Cover the ground well.

2nd Shadbolt Mr & Mrs I & S.  Great Bel`s Get Dressed For Success Akura. 3 yo old Harli. Good clean background. A more compact bitch but in proportion. Well filled front with good straight bone. Well co ordinated on the move and covers the ground well.

 Limit (4/1)

1st Dring Mrs A.  Shlarra Picture Perfect At Panmarlam. 4 yo fawn bitch with a dark mask and dark eye. Well filled front with straight bone and tight feet. Decent length of neck. Moved well driving from a strong back end on correct bend of stifle. Honest bitch of good quality, standing square and well balanced.

2nd Cubitt Mrs M. Annadanes Turkanaat Zebeldane 3yo blue bitch. Pleasing head , correct almond shape eye giving a kind expression. Good straight bone and cat like feet.  Nicely balanced with a good under shape and nice tuck up. Good bend at stifle used well on the move when settled.

Veteran (4/2)

 1st Dyson Mr, Mrs & Miss J,H &C.  Ch Selmalda Journey To Melody at Samdice. 7 1/2yo Fawn bitch. A big substantial bitch of type and quality. Presents a pleasing picture with a strong head of good proportion and correct plains. Good topline and croup well held on the move. Covered the ground well in profile with good reach and drive but is a bit untidy in the front. A worthy champion.

2nd Price Mrs P.  Ch Leamap Iron Maiden. 9 yo blue bitch. More compact. Good angles front and rear and nice tuck up giving overall a nice outline. Moved well.

Special Open Blue (5/1)

1st Kingsley Ms K.  Dainoak Agent Provocateur ShCM. 5 yo blue. Good size. Good dention. Nice expression, uses ear well. Correct  tight eye shape. Nice long crested neck into decent shoulders. Nice fill of front and tuck up giving overall pleasing outline. Nice width of thigh and bend of stifle uses rear with drive.

2nd Mackenzie Mrs C.  Carsan Savana. 3 yo Blue. Maybe carrying a bit too much weight which did detract from overall outline and roll slightly on the move. Never the less a quality bitch of strength. Balanced and good rear angles. Good topline and croup well held.

Special Open black (4/0)

1st Middleton Mrs J.  Taysca Must De Cartier at Dornoir. 4 yo black bitch of good size. Pleasing head, quizzical expression. Correct dark eye of almond shape adding to the expressiveness, nice work over eyes. Good length of foreface. Presented in gleaming condition. Well held topline and moved out well.

2nd Southgate Mrs. S.  Malbecio Rioja. A good sized bitch with pleasing head and good dark eye. Good depth in body. Has a decent front but slightly pronounced sternum. Moved well.

Special Open Brindle (1/1)

1st Morgan Mr N. Rimor Athena`s Kyss winner of minor puppy. Still enjoying her day out and moving round like a trooper.

Special open Fawn (3/3)

1st White Mrs J.  Jutlander`s Are You Ready JW (Imp DNK) 4 yo fawn bitch of good size. I have admired this bitch from ringside when she was a youngster and she has matured nicely.  So well proportioned and balanced. Strong, yet retaining an elegant feminity. Good angles front and rear, with a particularly strong well angulated rear. Good length and width of thigh and good bend at the stifle. Well handled and moved with drive.

2nd Dickson Ms Z. J-Lo QWirynus. 2 yo fawn bitch. More compact and narrower all through and needs to fill in front. Quite pleasing outline with a good level topline. Would like a bit more rear angulation at the rear. Moved ok.

Special open Harlequin (4/0)

1st Pocock Miss & Mrs T & L . Int/NedCh Tamzdane Cake My Day BNLW19 EuDCC Ch 19. Nicely marked Harli presenting an overall good outline. Good clean white front torn black patches she moves with ease covering the ground so well that she demands attention. Good head with correct drop of lip, almond shaped eyes giving the most appealing expression. Topline well helped and good croup. Well filed front, good spring of rib and nice tuck up. Pleased to award her the Res CC today and I can fully appreciate why she is well titled.

2nd Bliss Mrs A. Calchas Yodella over Stagbach. Although this bitch is of good size I do feel she is carrying a touch too much weight. This does detract from the overall shape. Again a good quality bitch of type. Strong quarters and good topline. Nice shoulders and upper arm.

Special Open Mantle (2/2)

Open Bitch (3/1)

1st Faulder and Cook Miss E & V. Kierkanes Picture Perfect at Elvantiedane JW. 3yo fawn. I have put classy bitch in my notes, she wins on overall balance so well proportioned. Well put together fore and aft. Nice head with correct plains, correct shaped eye and good dentition. Alert and quizzical expression. Good, well filled front. Straight bone and good depth of body. Covered the ground well. She was considered in the challenge.

2nd Mclellan Mrs A. Ch Jutlander`s Bat Out Of Hell to Anadain. A striking bitch who is worthy of her title. A bigger and stronger type to the winner of this class I am sure they will swap places on other days. Just as appealing and of good quality and type. Just preferred the slightly better balance of 1st. Excells in the strong rear end which is used to full advantage on the move.