Midland & West of England GDC 2020 Championship Show(held in 2021)

Critique from Gillian Rose

Thank you to the committee of the Midland & West Great Dane Club for asking me to judge and congratulations at managing to put on a show under these trying times!  Also, thanks to all exhibitors for your entry and enduring the heat on the day.

Minor puppy dog – (4,2a) 1st Creek Danes Out of the Darkness at Droolakiss (imp) (naf) (taf), Two lovely puppy’s.  Blue dog who at the moment is raw as to be expected.  Strong head with correct bite and good drop of lip.  Square outline of good proportions.  Long neck into good shoulders and good rear angles.  Moved ok once settled.  2nd Kinnegans I walk the line, Fawn dog who has a lovely outline.  Good head with correct proportions, dark eye and good drop of lip.  Long neck into correct shoulders with good tuck up and rear angles. Was a bit erratic on the move but I’m sure will settle into the show scene.   

Puppy dog – (1) – 1st Keirkanes Quest for Success, Fawn dog with good head and dark eye, lovely dark mask and correct bite.  Good shoulders and front, straight topline and good rear angles. A bit rangy at present and just needs to tighten up on movement which he will do as he matures.  A lovely puppy.  BPD.  

Junior dog – (3,1a) – 1st Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI), Brindle dog of lovely proportions. Nothing overdone and showing no coarseness.  Lovely head of good proportions with dark eye and the correct amount of drop of lip.  Long neck into correct shoulders and well filled front.  Good rear angles and moved effortless with the correct gate covering the ground with ease.  Well handled.   Pushed hard in the challenge.  One to watch and I’m sure will get top honours in the future. RDCC  2nd Nikami Leap of Romance, Fawn dog, rangier than 1 but with nice head and drop of lip.  Head proportions are correct along with bite.  Long neck into good shoulders.  Good chest and topline into correct rear angles with tight feet.  Moved well.  

Yearling dog – (0)

Novice dog – (1) – 1st Floyds Surprise at Zebeldane, Strong set blue dog with nice head, correct bite and good drop of lip.  Good neck into correct shoulders and well filled front. Correct topline and good tailset.  Moved ok.  

Post Graduate dog – (3, 1a) – 1st Dainoak Dreams of Blue at Dreamdiamont, Blue dog with strong head, dark eye and correct dentation.  Good drop of lip. Sturdy built with deep chest and good rear angles.   Needs to settle on movement. 2nd Floyds Surprise at Zebeldane, as ND.

Limit dog – (12, 4a) – 1st Garsak Sir Brodick Dinahtron, A lovely class of dogs and the five places could change on any day, however Garsak Sir Brodick of Dinahtron today demanded my attention and I could not deny him top honours.  Upstanding fawn dog of square proportions with lovely strong head in correct proportions with dark eye and good drop of lip. Long neck into good shoulders, deep chest.  Strong topline and rear angles.  Covers the ground with purpose and well handled to his advantage.  DCC and RBIS.   2nd Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlid (imp), Square compact fawn dog, Lovely head proportions with correct square drop of lip, Good neck into correct shoulders and well filled front.  Good topline and tuckup.  Lovely rear angles and stood four square.  Moved and handled well.  Another dog that I’m sure will received top on honours in the future.

Special Veteran dog – (2,1a)v – 1st Dainmajik the Wizard (AI) stood alone but did so well under the heat of the day.  Fawn dog of 7 ½ years.   Good head and drop of lip. Held his topline well and good rear angles.  Moved ok under the heat of the day.  

Open dog – (6,1a) – 1st Primus Breakin Rules, Fawn dog.  Lovely strong head of correct proportions and dark mask and good drop of lip.  Long neck into well filled front and deep chest.  Topline and tuck up good along with correct rear angles and tight feet.  Covered the ground with ease and well handled.  Another dog that was in my consideration in the lineup.   2nd Selmalda Ricochet (AI). Fawn dog of finer proportions than 1 but still correct.  Good head of correct proportions with lovely dark mask, dark eye and drop of lip.  Correct shoulders into good front along with lovely flow over withers into correct topline.  Moved well and expertly handled.