Midland and West of England Great Dane Club  :  Colour Format Show

Sunday 4 February 2018

Judge:  Corinna Hamer  (Corindane)

Firstly, I would like to that the Committee for their kind offer to judge the colours in this, one of my favourite shows.  And secondly, offer my sincere apologies for the lateness of my critique, this being due to having major back surgery just after I returned to Spain.  

As some of you know I left the UK in 2000 to live in Spain, so it was interesting to see the development of our breed in the last 18 years.  One aspect I feel I need to bring up is the standard of handling and training.  I would always forgive minor puppies and puppies, but once you get to junior, your dog really should be able to stand to be gone over and move in such a way that the judge can accurately assess movement.  The stringing up of your Dane whilst moving is never going to achieve that beautiful free flowing movement that I was looking for.  There were also, quite a few very short tails!

Class 17 Blue puppy dog

2 entered, 1 absent

1st  Rayjen Scrabble, Rose Mr & Mrs S.  Very big boy of 8 months, front assembly ok, lovely feet, very uncoordinated, whic is hardly surprising for such a big puppy.  Handler needs to pay more attention when setting off as he has a tendency to pace at the moment.  A lot to like about him.

Class 18 Blue junior dog

1 entered, 1 absent

Class 19 Blue postgraduate dog

3 entered, 1 absent

1st Lawaetz Crazy Horse for Chancemajor (Imp Den) Stone Mr T.  2o month old with a pleasing head, good shoulders, movement and rear assembly difficult to assess, handler needs more training.  Very nice colour.

2nd  Bombadier Boy via Leapmap, Southgate Mrs S, Price Mrs P.  Another 20 month old, well put together, better back end than 1, good feet and colour but preferred the head of winner.

Class 20 Blue open dog

3 entered, 0 absent

1st Ravendane Rock or Bust, Walton Miss J.  Lovely head and neck, good front assembly, depth of chest, plenty of bone, lovely feet, moved ok.

2nd Sarawen Arch Deacon, Pepper Miss S.  Nice head, good depth and breadth of chest.

3rd Bombadier Boy via Leamap, Sneddon Mrs D.  

Class 21 Blue puppy bitch

1 entered, 0 absent

1st Ravendane Kiss N’Cuddle, Walton Miss J.  Very nice puppy, good head and arch of neck, well laid shoulder, plenty of bone, nice feet, a bit unsure on back end when moving.

Class 22 Blue junior bitch

0 entries

Class 23 Blue post graduate bitch

1 entered, 1 absent

Class 24 Blue open bitch

3 entered, 1 absent

1st  Ch Leamap Iron Maident JW, Price Mrs P.  Darling expression, sadly missing in quite a few exhibits.  Correct front, bone and feet.  Nice depth and breadth of chest with a good spring of rib, also missing in a lot of Danes.

2nd Dornoir Ain, Middleton Mrs J H.  Another nice bitch with a good head and overall outline, moved ok.

Best Blue Dog:    Lawaetz Crazy Horse for Chancemajor (Imp Den)

Best Blue Bitch   Ch Leamap Iron Maiden JW

Best Blue Puppy  Ravendane’s Kiss N’Cuddle

Class 25  Harlequin puppy dog

3 entered, 1 absent

1st.  Tenshi with Red Ribbon, Bielecka Ms T, Lovely 6 month old, very chunky, enjoying his day out.  Good colour, clear chest, loads of bone, good feet.  Not sure he knew where he began and ended, movement behind very erratic, but for such a big, young baby, this is hardly surprising.  I really liked this chap.

2nd.  Byemoze Hadrian, Lumkin Mrs C & Hunter Mr A, smaller puppy, well marked a bit unsure of himself.

Class 26  Harlequin junior dog

4 entered, 3 absent

1st.  Jaemluk Jaque of Clunton, Egginton Draysey Mrs R, Nice 15 month old, black patches not really pure black. Nice front end, good bone and feet.  Movement very difficult to assess.

Class 27  Harlequin post graduate

2 entered, 0 absent

1st  Shalrace the Maestro, Hugill Mr J  Nice compact dog, lovely feet.  Head and neck ok.  Front assembly reasonable, top line and rear assembly incorrect thus inhibiting his rear movement.

2nd  Renescent Super Sic  Rather heavily marked harli that I liked, better back end than 1, but lacked depth and breadth of chest.  Nice to see a short coupled dog.

Class 28  Harlequin open dog.

3 entered, 1 absent

1st  Ziran Zlatko, Cook Miss F A  Nice strong dog, good front assembly, good colour, nice feet, bit loose in the elbow, back movement better.  Nice expression.

2nd  Leirumdane Mea Fortuna for Dornoir, Middleton Mrs J H  Lovely clean white chest, head ok, short coupled-

Class 29 Harlequin puppy bitch

2 entered, 1 absent

1st  Taysca Black Orchid, Stanton Mrs T & Latham Mr S  Nice 6 month old baby being handled by someone else and not happy.  I was unable to go over her.  Well marked on one side

Class 30 Harlequin junior bitch

2 entered, 1 absent

1st  Jaemluk Amelie of Clunton  Egginton Draysey Mrs R  17 month old who I was not able to go over.  Pretty bitch, nice head, needs more sustance, rear end ok, movement ok.

Class 31 Harlequin post graduate bitch

3 entered, 2 absent.

1st  Ziran Zsa Zsa Cook Mrs E A  Good overall impression, nice head and neck, good bone and feet, nice clear white background.  Reasonable depth of chest, croup a bit steep, movement ok.

Class 32  Harlequin open bitch

3 entered, 1 absent

1st  Ch Ravendane Maleficent for Harvaxe Ellis-Khanna Mrs D, Ms A & Mr R  Pretty bitch, nice head and neck, lacking in depth and width of chest, good topline, feet and tail set. Not able to go over her

2nd  Jaemluke Dannie of Clunton, Kellaway Mrs E  Nice 5 year old bitch, a little bit overweight which affects her overall impression of elegance.  However, a nice sound bitch with a good head and neck and feet.

Best Harlequin Dog:     Ziran Zlatko

Best Harlequin Bitch:   Ch Ravendanes Maleficent for Harvaxe

Best Harlequin Puppy:  Tenshi with Red Ribbon

Class 33 Black puppy dog

2 entered, 0 absent

1st  Rayjen Ace of Clubs Park Mrs J  8 month old younster, a lot to like but will need time.  Nice head and neck.  Movement surprisingly good for such a gangly baby-

2nd  Akura Aerodynamic  Shadbolt Miss D  Totally different type, short and stocky

Class 35 Black post graduate dog

1 entered, 0 absent

1st  Bandwar for Aces High Bollons Mr & Mrs I  Stood alone, head and feet ok

Class 36 Black open dog

1 entered, 0 absent

1st Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen Pepper Miss S  Very nice lad, good overall impression, head and neck fine as was movement.

Class 37 Black puppy bitch

2 entered, 0 absent

1st Rayjen Campaign Middleton Mrs J  litter sister to winner of puppy dog, very nice overall impression, nice length of neck, shoulders ok, good topline, nice to see a correct length of leg, nice feet, moved ok.

2nd  AkuraKoko Kola Shiel Miss A  Much smaller puppy, head ok, good bone and feet, correct topline.

Class 38 Black junior bitch

2 entered, 1 absent

1st  Taysca Must Be Cartier Middleton Mrs J  10 month old, well developed, lots to look forward to.

Class 39 Black post graduate bitch

3 entered, 1 absent

1st Jasnettdanes Moonlight Harrison Mrs A  Nice sound bitch with a good overall outline, plenty of bone and good feet, moved ok, very feminine.  In fact this class was quite a close call and places would be exchanged on another day.

2nd  Renescent Miss Naughty Simpson Mr D  Elegant head and neck, lacking in depth and breadth of chest, rear angulation ok.

Class 40 Black open bitch

1 entered, 0 absent

1st  Bandwar Taylor Made Black Mr & Mrs J & J  Good colour and overall impression, correct neck and should placement.  Moved ok, good feet.

Best Black Dog:     Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen

Best Black Bitch:   Bandewar Taylor Made

Best Black Puppy:  Taysca Must be Cartier

Class 41  Mantle junior dog

1 entered,

1st  Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol Burton Mrs S  Nice chunky boy with lots to come.  Super nice, clean markings, well filled chest, good head, but another short tail of which there were several today.

2nd  Damarkann Marquisite Kellaway Mrs S  Heavier, stronger type than 1, and probably needs more time to develop.

Class 42 Mantle open dog

3 entered, 1 absent

1st  Daneworth Legacy Pearson Mr & Mrs S & L  What a hefty chap, overall ok, short in leg, lots of bone and good feet.

2nd  Damarkann Marquisite

Class 43 Mantle junior bitch

0 entries

Class 44 Mantle open bitch

1 entered, 0 absent

1st  Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry at Ravendane  Walton Miss J  Balanced bitch presenting a good overall picture.  My preference would be for a bit more leg, but I did like her

Best Mantle Dog:    Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol

Best Mantle Bitch:  Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry at Ravendane