The Midland & West of England Great Dane Club

Limited Show 30th July 2017   Judge Mrs Jan MacDonald

 I would like to thank the Officers, The Committee and of course my very able stewards for this appointment. It was an honour.

Such a great venue and extremely well run show with the weather being in our favour for most of the day.  

I was very pleased with my entry and would also like to thank the exhibitors for their support and good sportsmanship.  

The overall quality was very good and I was delighted with my main winners.

Sp VD (3, 0) All 3 of these veteran dogs were wearing very well for their age. It was a very hard decision. 1. Robinson’s Preveli Manos, a six and a half year old tall fawn boy with masculine head with correct head planes & good depth of muzzle with square drop of lip, strong neck into well laid back shoulders. Lovely masculine balanced outline. Moved very well. 2. Black’s  Bandwar Happy as Larry JW Sh CM, a seven and a half year old harlequin boy shown in super condition and handled to perfection. Clean white background with evenly distributed patches. Nice head with correct dentition and dark eye. Level top line. Strong bone. Seen him move better but the ground was not in our favour today .3. Stapleford’s Madjax The Lothario  MPD (1, 1). PD (1, 0) 1.  Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol, a nine month correctly marked mantle boy. What a super puppy. Correct head planes with correct ear set, dark eyes and correct dentition, square drop of lip and narrow backskull, well arched neck into correct shoulders, strong bone with level top line which he held beautifully on the move. Has a bright future ahead on him. BPIS. JD (6, 1) 1 Henshall’s Calchas Xoset, a 13 month old big harlequin lad. What a fantastic youngster. Well balanced throughout with super bone. Correct masculine head and scissor bite. Strong neck leading into well developed front of good width and depth, good spring of rib & loin, firm topline with strong hindquarters. Moved with drive once he settled down. BDIS/BOS. 2 Allan’s  Lamborghini Von Der Kieselbachquelle (Imp Deu), a 14 month old youngster with gleaming black coat. Strong masculine head with correct ear set. Arched neck into correct shoulders and level top line with correct tail set. Moved with reach and drive. 3. McGowan’s Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter YD (1, 0) Cooke’s Ziran Zlatko, a 21 month old harlequin boy who needs a bit of training. Nonetheless he was a very nice balanced youngster with super bone and substance. Lovely head with good length of foreface and correct ear set. Strong neck into firm topline. With time and patience this boy could do very well in the future. ND (1, 0 ) Southgate’s Bombadier Boy via Leamap, a 14 month old blue lad. Strong masculine head with correct earset. Well developed chest. More settled on the move than in his previous class. GD (1, 0) 1. Hugill’s Shalrace the Maestro, a very nicely balanced 2 year old harlequin dog. Very good laid back shoulders and well off for bone. Firm level topline which he held on the move. Handled very well to get the best out of him. Contender for Res Best Dog.  PGD (1, 0) Robinson’s Prevelli Be Yourself, 2 year old fawn boy with nice head and correct bite, good strong neck and good forechest with strong topline. Moved ok LD (2, 0 ) Allan’s El Gasparo Vom Hause Diamond (Imp Deu), 13 month old harlequin boy in gleaming condition with lovely white background and correct evenly distributed patches, strong masculine head with dark eye and nose picgment. Arched neck with deep chest and nice straight foreleg with flat bone. Good strong topline. Moved ok. 2. Bollon’s ) Daysue Born Ready, 3 year old harlequin with nice head and correct ear set.  Crested neck. Good firm topline. Moved ok. OD (0, 0) Sp Beg Dog (0 0) Sp O Fwn D (1, 0 ) 1.1st PGD. Sp O Br D. (0, 0 ) Sp O Hrl D (3, 0) 1. 1st GD. 2. 1st LD. 3. 2nd LD. Sp O Blu D (1, 0 ) 1. 1st ND.  Sp O Blk D (3, 0 ) Harrison’s Leamap Strongbow at Jasnettdanes, 3 year old boy in gleaming condition, with lovely head and correct planes, dark eye and good ear set, crested neck into withers, strong flat bone. Powered round the ring with reach and drive . RBDIS  2 . 2nd in  JD, 3. Bollon’s Bandwar for Aces High. Sp O Mntl D (1, 0) 1st PD.

Sp VB (4, 2) 1. Hugill’s Bandwar Swift, seven and a half year old mature lady, nicely balanced with feminine head and good dentition. Dark eyes.  Moved freely and easily round the ring for such a mature girl. BVIS. 2 Burton’s Dornoir Wynd at Elbarevol, six and three quarter year old harlequin lady, with lovely balanced outline and clean white background. Deep chest and great topline. Pushed hard for 1st place. MPB (0, 0) PB (1, 0) Stapleford’s Wunderhund Poised for Madjax, lovely 9 month old harlequin bitch with a super head. Great colour and pigmentation. Lovely arched neck into good shoulders. Level top line. A bit unsettled on the move but this girl should have a bright future ahead of her.  JB (3, 1 ) Allan’s Laguna von der Kieselbachquelle (Imp Deu), shiny black 14 month old girl, with lovely alert expression and good head planes, balanced overall and moved with drive and purpose. 2. Henshall’s Calchas Xanado, 13 month old harlequin girl, the sister to Best Dog. Similar qualities to her brother. A bit more compact than 1 with good chest and strong bone. Moved ok. YB (1, 0) Cooke’s Ziran Zsa Zsa, a 21 month old month old harlequin girl who is the sister to Yearling Dog winner. A change of handler certainly made all the difference this time. This girl is stunning. Superb balanced lines from tip to tail. Lovely feminine head with correct ear set and alert expression. Clean neck into good shoulders, good depth of chest and well off for bone, level firm topline which she held effortlessly on the move.  BIS.  NB (0, 0). GB (1, 0) Black’s Bandwar Taylor Made, 14 month old black bitch with a nice femine head with correct planes and scissor bite. Good drop of lip. Moved well. PGB (3, 1)  Park’s Rayjen Aces High JW, a 2year old blue bitch which was balanced throughout. Nice head into good shoulders and well tuck up under carriage. Moved  ok. 2.  Harrison’s Jasnettdanes Misty Morning, another 2 year old blue girl, taller than 1st with good head and drop of lip, strong flat bone. Moved  ok.  LB (1, 0)  Allan’s Moira Delta Velorum Von Dramadanes, 2 year old harlequin girl in great condition. Lovely clean white background. Great angles all round. Strong flat bone. Head a tad too strong. Moved with purpose and drive.  OB (3, 1)  White’s Smalltails Fairytail (Imp Nor), 3 year old fawn with a super head piece, dark eye and alert expression. Lovely feminine outline and so nicely put together, lovely head planes , crested neck into well laid back shoulders, firm level topline which she held on the move. Pushed hard in the final lineup.  RBBIS.  2. Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream at Elbarevol, 4 year old harlequin with clean white background and dark eye. Lovely balanced outline. Nothing  overdone. Nice head and good ear set. Crested neck into good shoulders. Nice deep chest. Moved ok.  Sp Beg B (0, 0) Sp O Fwn B (2, 1) 1. White’s Garsak Maia Sunset, Beautiful 3 year old fawn girl. Stunning head, dark eyes, good neck, good deep chest, nice shoulder placement, good topline. Moved well. Strongly considered in line up. Sp O Br B (0, 0) Sp O Hrl B (3, 1)  1. 1st in LB. 2. 2nd in OB. Sp O Blu B (2, 0) 1. 1st in PGB 2. 2nd in PGB. Sp O Blk B (3, 1) 1. 1st in JB. 2. 1st in GB Sp O Mntl B (0, 0) Brace (1, 0) 1. Mrs M Robinson’s Brace, A brace of 2 fawn male dogs who moved round the ring with ease and together. Handled beautifully.