Midland and West of England Great Dane Colour Format Open Show, held at the Sky Blue Connexion in Coventry. 07.02.16

Thanks to the Committee for my appointment and thoroughly enjoyed my day and met some lovely Exhibitors.

Looking through the catalogue some of my placings were littermates or out of the same dam Leamap Blossom Hill  she certainly produced consistent offspring even when different sires were used a credit to the Breeder in my Blacks and Blues today also see in the blacks there was an AI litter by Ch Internos Challenger JW Sh Cm I remember several years ago judging him long before his titles.

Today one or two were weak in pasterns and in foot strength by not being well arched and knuckled a pet hate of mine. so when coming toward gave the appearance of being open and spread.  These are the foundation for the structure and frame. It would be like running a marathon in flip flops. So if feet need tightening then this makes way for the pasterns to be also slack when coming towards allowing to turn slightly in or out  and so going up the leg and even effecting elbows in some cases.  An odd couple where a little severe in croup which affects tail set an carriage and visible in side hind gait action gladly in the minority . Pleased to say I had some sound quality exhibits for future breeding programmes and for top honours in the Show ring. Thanks also to BIS Judge Richard Kinsey for placings for RBIS BPIS and RBPIS.



1st Absent


1st Kingsleys Cwmgwyn Pwyll for Dainoak 15mth Good shape size and balance on the stand. Head developing on right lines Good eye colour for shade. Good bite and jaw. Ample reach of neck and shape. Brisket developing well and tuck up. Muscling needs to strengthen but will come adequate for age.. Moved steady with positive stride.  Res Blue Dog

2nd Peppers Sarawen Archdeacon Just out of puppy. Nice size and shape for age. Head ratios ok and eye shape and colour clean throat and good length of neck. Feet need to knuckle and muscle strengthen throughout but will come as still a baby. Nice side gait hocks need to firm.


1st  Stanford’s Kiajax Miami Beach  at Just over 18mths Made a lovely silhouette on the stand. Head ratios balanced for width and length for age eye of good shape set and colour. Good bite and underjaw. With tidy jowls. Ear set and size. Good bone and straight front legs on well knuckled feet. Brisket well developed and tuck up, Moved well for and aft.


1st Prices Leamap Chivas Regal JW 3 yrs. old Coming into his own well-handled to get the best from him, good on stand and move. Good head ratios and balance lovely expression and ear set. Good eye shape colour and fit. Good Bite and clean tidy fitting jowls and jaw. Lovely depth of brisket and width to chest Well boned throughout. Good in front angles and straight front legs and well knuckled feet. Nice tuck into ample stifles onto firm hocks. Well-muscled rear and croup giving good tail set and carriage. Moving side gait reach and drive from rear. Best Blue Dog Well Done


1st Bates Danemoor Rock Goddess 6mths sweet feminine baby Showed herself well for newbie  showing such elegance. Feminine expression and eye colour and shape. Muzzle developing well and correct bite.  Ribs and brisket developing on right lines neat tidy feet. Correct Croup giving nice tail set and length of tail. When in a stride settled to give desired action for aft and sideways. Best Blue Puppy and later RBPIS Shall watch with interest.

2nd Parks Rayjen Aces High 9 mths Well boned bitch. Head a tad heavy for me, but good eye colour and pigment and bite. Ample reach of neck. Straight front legs and firm feet. Well-muscled rear Giving good actions side fore and aft.


No Entries


1st  Southgate’s Leamap Bombay Sapphire Lovely size shape and balance on the stand. Feminine head with good muzzle and depth with tidy jowls and good bite. Nice eye colour and pigment giving kind expression and ear placements. Desired depth of brisket and tuck up. Sound bone and straight front legs and firm arched toes. Ample bend of stifle an hocks. Croup giving good tail set and carriage. Moving gave a lovely reach and side gait well-muscled rear perhaps a shade higher in hock but did not detract action. Res blue bitch.                                     

2nd Parks Rayjen Ace of Diamonds Nice size not the arch of neck of 1. Nice headpiece with expression and eye colour Straight front well boned legs feet could be tighter for me. Ample depth of brisket and stifles Needs to strengthen in from width of chest. Moved steadily.

3rd Simpsons Renescent La Revolution


1st Prices Leamap Iron Maiden JW Feminine 3 yrs. old littermate to best dog. Ideal size and shape on the stand. Feminine and balance in head and good ratios. Eye shape and colour gives a kind expression. Tidy jowls and clean throat. Nice arch to neck into good front assembly and width and depth of brisket. Firm body and good croup and tail set and length. Firm well-muscled rear giving drive and lovely action on the side gait and positive forward reach and good top line and tail carriage. Best blue bitch.

2nd Walton’s Ravendane Rose Liqueur Another well put together bitch heavier in bone than 1. Head balanced for body size and overall shape. Good eye colour and set. Good bite jowls not that of 1, Straight front legs. Feet and pasterns could be firmer. Moved out steady fore and aft.

3rd Moore’s Culseandanes Aurora Storm

Res.Kingsleys Dan Ch. Horsebjerg Prima Blue Penn at Dainoak (Imp Dnk)



1st Wands Wanderhund Owz Ya Farver 7mth old lad still quite raw but developing well. Head in correct proportions at this stage Good   eye colour perhaps could be a shade tighter Good dentition and underjaw. Ample neck size and shape and bone. Brisket coming on well and shape to stifles. Feet ok Good length of tail and set. Needs to tighten and strengthen in rear assembly. Needs to come together and steady on the move.


1st   Hugills Shalrace the Maestro Just out of Junior and stood alone  but deserved his first place. Good bone size and shape. Head developing well and has a good eye colour and pigment, shape still changing at the moment due to growing in skull. But still giving a kind expression.  Made a good shape on the stand with good depth to  brisket width of chest still developing. Straight front legs and good feet. Ample bend of stifle into firm hocks. Croup allows good tail set and carriage. Well -muscled thighs for age showing good hind actions and side gait, Res Best Dog


1st Allan’s Asphuzazz Fact or Fiction Von Dramadanes Head a little coarse for me and eye could be tighter, but of good colour. Good dentition. Lots of substance bone wise Top line needs to firm and strengthen in loins. Good Tail length. Moved a little more settled than 2 but another day could be different.

2nd Bollons Daysue Born Ready Nice size make and shape.  Preferred his head than 1 but perhaps with tighter jowls. Good bone and substance lost out here on the move. With encouragement this new handler to ring, when they worked in unison and the same stride pattern glimpses of a reasonable gait. Just practice and it will come. Observe the other handlers.


1st Henshalls Calchas Willobee Wiseman  Well boned and made lad. Balanced in head ratios with dark eye of good shape and ear set. Good depth to brisket and chest width. Ample bend of stifles and hocks feet could be more knuckled today had the edge on the move. Best Dog

2nd Blacks Bandwar Happy as Larry JW  ShCM Balanced lad showing lovely neck Masculine headpiece with good eye colour and pigment and good dentition and flews. Sound in hock and muscle tone today didn’t quite give his all as he can do.

3rd Shadbolts Akura Final Frontier

Res. Bollons Daysue Born Ready sorry you d left the ring before I could do a write up.


1st  Walton’s Ravendane Three Wishes 7mths old Lovely size bone and shape for age. Head developing well. Eyes of good colour and set. Still teething and this showed in ear set but did not detract from feminine kind expression. Ample reach of neck into good front assembly Chest ok for depth and width and tuck up. Nice bend of stifles and hocks starting to muscle good tail carriage and set. Would like feet a little more knuckled but still a raw baby yet. Moved steadily for and aft and good side gait. Pleased to see her go BPIS Under co Judge Richard Kinsey.

2nd  Crofts Wanderhund Striptease at Doubtwell Finer type for bone another just 7mths old. Needs more ring confidence to show her best assets. Eye colour  perhaps a bit more pigment which make develop still Ok for neck When moved at steady gait showed glimpses of things to come.

3rd  Allans Moira Delta Velorum Von Dramadanes NAF TAFWell off for bone. Head changing with growth at the moment and needs to balance out as teething ears need to settle into place. Moving needed a little more fluidity.


1st Pococks Ravendane Frozen with Tamzdane JW 16mths Nice silhouette on the stand. Feminine and head developing well and balanced. Good  dark eye colour, pigment and placement. Lovely expression when alert. Good depth of chest and brisket. A little steep in croup which showed in side rear action but ample reach in front. Would like firmer pasterns and tighter feet as this showed slightly coming towards. Res Harlequin Bitch.


1st Blacks Lukyma Athena by Bandwar  3yrs old Feminine in head lovely colour to wall eye and correct dentition and jaw line. Nice arch to neck into well put together front assembly. Straight front legs onto well knuckled feet. Nice tuck up and bend of stifle. Croup giving a good tail set and carriage. Well- muscled rear and body moving here she showed positivity fore and aft and gave a flowing side gait. Shame she lost concentration a little in challenge for BIS later.  Best H Bitch.

2nd Burtons Ravendane Enchanting Dream at Elbarevol Another nice make and shape and boned bitch.  Feminine in head but preferred expression on 1 colour eye colours. Moved ok fore and aft again would like tighter knuckled feet

3rd Taylors Alsphuzazz Ecosse Electra for Daneheart Different type. Head fair eyes are a shade slack in shape. Showing a butterfly pigment to nose. Not the movement today of 1 and 2.

CLASS 32- HARLEQUIN OPEN BITCH (5) This class I was nit picking.

1st Ellis-Khannas Ravendane Maleficent for Harvaxerisket.  Balanced silhouette, size and shape Head all in proportion lovely shade to eye and pigment Also good dentition preferred her jowls over 2. Lovely neck into good shoulders and depth of chest for width and brisket with tidy tuck up. Straight front onto well shaped feet. A little higher in hock but moved well for and aft holding top line and tail carriage well.

2nd Henshalls Calchas Wincy Willis Head id feminine and with good ratios. Wall eye with good pigment. Good dentition and jaw, would prefer cleaner fitting jowl. Lovely neck into good front firm top line a little steep in croup .When in stride   gave a good side gait coming and going away and muscled rear.

3rd  Kellaways Jaemluks  Dannie of Clunton Well off for bone and muscle. Needed to be more settled on the move feet need to strengthen and in pastern.



1st Battersby & Williams Jildadanes Invictus of Internos (AI) 9nths developing well but still needs to drop into himself in stifle showing ample depth of brisket and width of chest for age. Head balanced  with good eye shape and colour. Correct bite jaw developing well for muzzle width and length, tidy jowl. Lovely length of neck Croup ok giving good tail set and carriage. Muscles starting to come and will enhance more drive from rear, /gave a positive side action also coming and going away. Remember judging his sire. Best Black Puppy

2nd Woodfine & Marshalls Jildadanes Archilles (AI) another 9 mth old fine for size and bone also developing on right lines. Head not a developed in jaw as 1 at this stage  neat jowls. Good shape and eye colour and pigment giving nice expression. But better stifle placement than 1 at this stage. Moved steadily when strengthened in muscle will improve in drive and reach but still a baby.

3rd Simpsons Renescent  Its Hammer Time  10mth old stunning silhouette on the stand. Well off for bone and balance size and shape Head developing well with good dentition and eye shape and colour Thought he was my class winner. Good shoulder and reach of neck. Needed to tighten in front action and pasterns coming toward Lovely bend of stifles and tail carriage Showed good drive Once firmed up and settled in unison with handler should do well.

Res. Peppers Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen


No entries


Two lovely dogs   here see they are littermates and so similar in size and stature. So again was nit picking.

1st Hunter & Lowes Annadanes Jupiter Jester Head balanced and developed Good eye shape and colour. Tidy jowls and jaw line. Good ears set and size. Nice in neck and front assembly. Just preferred his croup and tail set and carriage over 2. When muscled fully should do really well.

2nd Lewis’ Annadanes Spaceman Max Many of the above qualities  apply here Lovely on the stand and handled well. Just lacked the croup of 1 for me which affected tail carriage and spoilt outline but showed lovely front action and muscled thighs shorter croup showed in side  gait as well for extension.


1st  Prices Ch Leamap Whiskey Galore JW not surprised he has his title. Head is balanced and soft kind dark eyes  complimented by correct ear set and used well for expression. Good dentition and jaw with clean tidy jowls Lovely masculine size make and shape. Good bone and straight front legs on good feet. Good Arch to neck into  good should angulations. Firm in top line bend of stifle and hock. Showed positivity for reach and drive and balanced side gait. Best Black Dog.

2nd Harrisons Leamap Strongbow at Jasnettdanes(Atc 00890901 See he is litter brother to 1 with many similar qualities. Head has good balance and ratios good eye and dentition and gives a pleasing picture. Today I preferred croup and tail set and length on 1 but gave an outline still when moving fore and aft. Feet not quite as well knuckled.

3rd Lewis’ Annadanes Spaceman Max  2nd in previous class


1st Battersby, Williams & Woodfines Jildadanes Nieta Del Tanque(AI) See same sire as puppy dog. 9mths Head developing well but showing teething at the moment with eyes and ear placements Eye good colour and muzzle width and skull. Brisket coming on well and width to chest. Shade bum high on rear. Tidy feet .Moving gave good actions fore and aft she just needs to all come together and will have a bright future.

2nd Raymond’s Renecent pole position at Sofala Another bitch with teething issues which showed in eye shape and head needs  to balance out But should come. Good eye colour and pigment. Bite ok etc. Straight front legs and ample stifle. Showed well moving once strengthened in muscle tone should do well.

3rd Jones Sapeck Midnight Star Smaller size and shaped baby. Good bone for size and balance. Heavy in white marking on chest. Needed to be moved at a lengthened stride pattern to give more reach in front and drive which she would give if allowed to stride out more.


 1st Gwyn’s Cwmgwyns Rhianwen 14mths old Finer type for bone. Head developing well with dark eyes and pigment. Makes a reasonable shape on the Stand. On the move needs to tighten in loins especially as allowing to roach. Once all muscled through and with a bit more symmetry with handler could do well.


Two different types here. Again a nit picking class on preferences

1st Marshalls Annadanes Shooting Star 18mths Good size make and shape. Good in bite and tidy flews and Eye colour .Ear set a little lower set than 2.Ample neck and front assembly Good bend of stifle and on the move showed a steady side gait reach and drive.

2nd Hugills Bandwar Swift 6yr with lovely greying in face giving a warm expression. Good bite and balance in head.  Good confirmation all through and sound hocks Today just spoilt today, by underline .When conditioned back up fully underneath as muscling is sound on rear should be back in contention.


1st Peppers Leamap Black Caviar at Sarawen See she shares the same dam as my Best Dog. 3yr old feminine lady. Lovely stand and held a good shape moving. Balanced in head with good muzzle width and length lovely bite and underjaw. Eye set with dark good shaped and pigmented kind expressive eye. Arched neck into good shoulder placements. Required depth and width to chest and Lovely straight front legs on knuckled feet. Good bend of stifle which are well muscled giving drive on the move. Side gait positivity in forward reach and was in Symmetry with good handler to get the best from her. Best black bitch. Pleased to see her Reserve Best in Show .



1st Wands Wanderhund Slap n’ Tickle 7mth old lad lovely size and bone at this stage makes a good shape on the stand. Head developing well but still growing hope it stays together in bite. Good eye colour and placement ear set needs to settle a tad but this is expected at this stage of growth. Ample neck and shoulder placements. Hocks of good size . Once firmed up all through will settle more on the move to give balance and symmetry.Best Mantle Puppy


1st  Bliss & Hitchams Joopstar the Sovereign 2yr old Good shape bone and balanced size. Head is good for width and depth in muzzle with correct dentition and tidy jowls ear set good giving a lovely expression. Brisket and width of chest good with straight front legs and tidy feet. Showed a good side gait with reach and drive well-muscled .Best Mantle Dog


1st Tempests Adoreadane Make Your Marc As name implies I am sure she will make her Mark. Stood alone but certainly has a bright future and only just out of puppy. Such elegant make size and shape oozed femininity. Head is balanced and has good shaped dark eyes and lovely ear set which bodes well for a good expression. Correct dentiton and tidy jowls. Arch to neck into well laid shoulders and top line. At this stage good depth of brisket and width in her chest. Good in stifle and muscling coming on nicely. On the move showed good forward reach and positivity in drive giving good side gait Going away hocks just need a little more strengthening and she will certainly be one to reckon with. Best Mantle Bitch


1st Tempests Adoreadane Make Your Marc Repeat of last class

Allyson King (Allyking)