The Midland & West of England Great Dane Club Championship Show 17th July 2021 Elaine M Hyde - Judge

Firstly, I must thank the Midland and West for inviting me to Judge the bitches at this postponed show.  Covid has not been kind to anyone but it was lovely to be back amongst the Dane people and our magnificent Danes.  Thank you also to my stewards and the Committee who looked after me so well – I apologise to all exhibitors that I needed to take a couple of ‘heat breaks’.  Congratulations to everyone for keeping your dogs cool on a very difficult day.

I tried to move the dogs as little as possible due to the heat.  I had some difficult decisions and some very close decisions and I’m sure they could and should change places another time and place

Minor Puppy Bitch 4 (2abs)

1 Thistledane Game Changer:  For her age this is an extremely well made, well balanced puppy with tremendous promise.  Lovely head, neck front and hind quarters.  I will watch her progress with interest.  Best Puppy in Show

2 Zefather’s Rumour Has it: At the moment this pretty fawn is not so well grown and balanced as the winner, however she is a good make and shape and looks promising

Puppy Bitch 6 (2abs)

1 Novavida Mist Over Pendle: Well made fawn with nice front and moved very well. Wearing a fluffy changing coat at the moment but nice type

2 Zefather’s Turning Tables: Pretty but raw 8 month old and giving a couple of months to the winner!  Like her sister in the MP class she is a nice make and shape and should come on well.

3 Dainoak Forever in Blu Genes:

Junior Bitch 7 (1abs)

1. Nikami Leap of Faith for Teeseedane:  Really well made and balanced youngster. Well made classic head, Good front, although needs to develop and fill, reasonable croup.  She moved very well covering the ground easily

2.  Foaldown a Real Diamond: Another very well made, well balanced fawn. She has a good front with good lay of shoulder and moved well.  Should have a bright future.

3. Adoreadane Heaven Scent:

Yearling Bitch 4 (1abs)

1. Primus Remember the Time: Upstanding fawn, good head, well made front, moved ok.  A little long through the loin but she is a big bitch.

2. Zwiebelchen in Flagranti with Dainmajik (Imp): Well made brindle, nice head and very good front with good lay of shoulder. Rear movement a bit untidy.

3. Noziaro Alula:

Novice Bitch 5 (2abs)

1. Thistledane Back in the Game:  Litter sister to my Best Puppy but not as well grown and mature looking, she is also not as clean through the front.  However a good type and well balanced. Goes a bit wide in front but moves well in profile

2. Dornoir Luciana: Blue bitch with good movement. Untidy shoulder placement and obviously feeling the heat.

3. Goldania Celtic Princess:

Post Graduate Bitch 4 entries  (2Abs)

1. Vanmore She’s All That at Kazabbie: 15 month fawn with good head on flowing neck, nice front construction, She holds her topline on the move but needs to drop into her hocks and develop more width through the stifle to complete the picture.

2. Penelope Von Den Borkener Turmen at Dainoak (Imp):Reasonably balanced, stocky harlequin. Nice shoulder and good hind angulation. Lacking a bit of refinement and elegance

Limit Bitch 7 entries (1 abs)

1. Jutlander’s Bat out of Hell to Anadain (Imp): Very well balanced 2 yo fawn.  I loved her classic head, dark eye, nice flowing neck, beautiful topline, not a perfect front but she has sufficient shoulder lay to give her forward reach on the move and her hindquarters are lovely.  She stands foursquare the whole time and is a joy to watch on the move.  I was pleased to give her the Bitch CC and she was awarded BOB on the Referee’s decision.  I’m sure she won’t have to wait too long for her crown.

2. Calchas Yodella over Stagbatch: Well made substantial harlequin she has good make and shape all through. Moved well

3. Shlarra Picture Perfect at Panmarlam:

Special Veteran Bitch  2 Entries (1 abs)

1. Ch. Selmalda Journey to Melody at Samdice:  Although standing alone today this is a really good bitch and a worthy winner.  She has a good outline, well balanced all through. Correct angulation both front and rear and holds her topline well on the move.  A veteran to be proud of in a breed not noted for sound oldies

Open Bitch  9 entries (3 abs)

1.  Keirkane’s Picture Perfect at Elvantiedane: Lovely shapely fawn winning this strong Open Class.  Good front with excellent flow of neck into shoulders giving that lovely smooth and elegant outline. She moved well covering the ground easily.   She was my Reserve CC bitch, I just preferred the hindquarters of my Limit and CC winner.  Always one to consider and I’m sure she will go on to greater things soon.

2. Selmalda Liza Jane: A similar type bitch to the winner, this bitch also has a beautiful flowing front construction and moved very well.  She is well angulated behind although both 1st and 2nd could be better through the croup. Nicely proportioned head preferred expression of the winner.

3. Zefather’s Sweet Child O’mine: Lovely type bitch feeling the heat and flagging a bit (weren’t we all)