Midland & West Of England Great Dane Club Colour Format Open Single Breed Show

SUNDAY 02 February 2020 by Helen Seddon

Blue Great Danes

Class 17 Blue Puppy Dog (0, 0)

Class 18 Blue Junior Dog (1,0) 1st Barnett’s Dainoak Dreams Of Blue   14 months. Good length of foreface. Long neck. Level topline. Needs to strengthen behind. In good condition. Movement not straight in back legs. Generally untidy on the move.

Class 19 Blue Post Graduate Dog (2,1)1st Simpson’s Renescent Puss In Boots Would prefer a stronger head on a male. Good length of neck. Narrow front. Level topline but would prefer a better croup set. Would prefer more weight and muscle. Untogether on the move.

Class 20 Blue Open Dog (3,0)1st Mackenzie’s Carsan Vincent  16 months Gives the impression of a nicely balanced dog. Strong head with good expression. Crested neck flowing into good balanced shoulders. Level topline. Good angulation from behind. Moved soundly with drive. Very pleased to see him go BIS.

2nd Pepper’s Starlight Cronos Avec Foaldown  Good male head & expression. Not as balanced overall as 1. Would prefer more angle and higher croup set. Needs to stretch out more with drive on the move. 3rd Rose’s Rayjen Scrabble


Class 21 Blue Puppy Bitch (2,1) 1st Cubitt’s Annadanes Turkana Very pretty young puppy bitch. Really caught my eye by her well balanced structure. Dark eye and feminine head of good proportion. Good length of neck flowing into correct shoulders. Good depth of brisket to elbows. Good angulation from behind help her to drive forward on the move. Moved well keeping her balance and shape on the move. In excellent condition. Very pleased to see her go BPIS.

Class 22 Blue Junior Bitch (3,3)1st Cubitt’s Annadanes Turkana   2nd Page & Concannons’ Dainoak Destined To Dream At Novavida   Another nice bitch with good head of proportion on elegant neck. Correct shoulders. Level topline and correct tailset. Tight feet. Not as good a mover as 1. 3rd Renescent Gin And Juice

Class 23 Blue Post Graduate Bitch (2,1) 1st Renescent Peaches N Cream  Feminine head of good proportion. Long elegant neck. Level topline and correct croup set. Very good angle fore and aft. Nice catlike feet. Moved with dash and dare.  

Class 24 Blue Open Bitch (3,1)1st Price’s Ch Leamap Iron Maiden JW Elegant looking bitch. Lovely feminine head with good planes and long foreface. Neck flowed into well laid shoulders. Good top line. Good angulation aft and fore. Tight feet. Moved with drive from behind. Looked extremely very well for her age. 2nd Kingsley’s Dainoak Agent Provocateur ShCM   Another nice bitch. Stronger head than 1. Overall well put together. Well filled front. Correct shoulders with level top line. Strong hindquarters with good angulation.  Tidy feet. Sound mover but not as dashing on the move as 1.

Harlequin Great Danes

Class 25 Harlequin Puppy Dog (0,0)

Class 26 Harlequin Junior Dog (1,0) 1st Henshall & Hockings’ Calchas Zipper De Dodar  12 months with adequate markings. Good male head and length of neck into good shoulders. Good filled front. Level topline. Would like more substance in body as he matures. Good tight feet. Moved freely with some dash and dare.

Class 27 Harlequin Post Graduate Dog (3,0)1st Tempest’s Adoradane Summer Sunshine   Strong male head & overall very masculine. Would prefer more length of neck. Level topline and good croup set. Would prefer more angulation in shoulders. Well marked. Tight feet. Moved ok on first run but settled & moved better on second run. 2nd Ingram’s Allours Majik Of Dainmajik Heavily marked. Good masculine head but not overdone. Better length of neck than 1. Good topline. Tight feet. Didn’t move as cleanly as 1. Still a nice male. Overall not that much between them. 3rd Black’s Culseandanes Lord Zeus To Bandwar

Class 28 Harlequin Open Dog (3,0)  1st Cook’s Ziran Zlatko First impression is nice balanced dog with good markings. Masculine head. Good filled front & well laid shoulders. Firm topline on the move. Correct croup & tailset. Rear angulation good. Moved forward well & cleanly.2nd Pococks’ Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie JW  Another well marked male. A little heavier than 1.  Strong head. Correct shoulder placement with well filled front. Good topline on the move. Moved forward with drive. Very well handled.3rd Bielecka’s Tenshi With Red Ribbon (Imp)

Class 29 Harlequin Puppy Bitch (2,0) 1st Kingsley’s Dainoak Felicitas  10 months Lovely feminine puppy head with good length of foreface. Good length of neck flowing into nice shoulders. Well angled fore and aft. Cat like feet. Moved very well considering her age. 2nd Mahon’s Ravendane Kiss My Astraldream   7 months Another feminine puppy with lovely head. Nice flat front with good angulation. Moved well considering she is still a baby. Very nicely marked.   

Class 30 Harlequin Junior Bitch (0,0)

Class 31 Harlequin Postgraduate Bitch (1,0) 1st Bliss’s Calchas Yodella Over Stagbatch  Overall impression given was a nicely balanced bitch. Feminine head with elegant arched neck. Clean front and level topline. Correct angulation. Moved well with dash and dare.

Class 32 Harlequin Open Bitch (5,2) 1st Pococks’ Int/Ned CH Tamzdane Cake My Day BNLW19 EuDDC CH19   Lovely balanced bitch. Feminine head with a good reach of neck. Nice front. Well angulated with level topline. Catlike feet. Lovely movement covering the ground with dash & dare. Well handled. 2nd Cook’s Ziran Zsa Zsa  Another lovely bitch. More heavily marked than 1. Feminine head with good proportions & long length of neck. Filled front & kept her topline on the move. Good croup set and angulation. Moved ok.  3rd  Henshall,Walsh & Hockings’ Calchas Yandamar Yours     


Black Great Danes

Class 33 Black Puppy Dog (0,0)

Class 34 Black Junior Dog (0,0)

Class 35 Black Post Graduate Dog (0,0)

Class 36 Black Open Dog (2,0)  1st Pepper’s CH Danemoor Black Watche For Sarawen  Lovely black male with no white markings. In excellent condition. Balanced and compact. Masculine head of good proportions. Lovely front with good angulation fore and aft. Moved well with drive.2nd Bollon’s Bandwar For Aces High   Head not as chiselled as 1. Good length of neck. Level top line. Would prefer more angulation. Tight feet. Movement lacked forwardness.

Class 37 Black Puppy Bitch (0,0)

Class 38 Black Junior Bitch (1,0) 1st Page & Concannons’ Glamour Girl V Rosherta at Novavida (Imp)  16 months. Overall impression of good balanced outline. Feminine head. Long elegant neck. Good front and correct shoulders. Correct croup and level topline. Tight feet. Needs to stride out more on the move.

Class 39 Black Post Graduate Bitch (0,0)

Class 40 Black Open Bitch (2,1) 1st Southgate’s Empress Elivira v Rosherta JW (Imp)   Lovely feminine black bitch with no white markings. In good condition. Well proportioned head. Lovely front and shoulders. Good angulation, croup set and topline. Tight feet. Overall well balanced. Moved well.

Mantle Great Danes

Class 41 Mantle Junior Dog (1,0) 1st Pococks’ Tamzdane Son Of A Wich  7 months Correctly marked masculine male puppy. For his size he is well balanced and compact. In great condition. Well proportioned head. Good front and shoulders. Moved well for a baby. Well handled.

Class 42 Mantle Open Dog (2,1) 1st Burton’s Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol  Lovely marked mantle with balanced and compact outline. Good masculine male head not overdone. Good bone & firm topline. Good angulation. In lovely condition. Moved soundly with drive.  

Class 43 Mantle Junior Bitch (1,0) 1st Page & Concannons’ Komtessa Liris V Rosherta at Novavida (Imp) 7 months. Promising feminine bitch in lovely condition. Good length of neck. Good front and shoulders. Little bit straight in angulation on back legs but probably just a growing phase. Moved cleanly and straight. Should mature nicely.  

Class 44 Mantle Open Bitch (0,0)