DANE OF THE YEAR, 21st October 2018


I would like to thank the committee, for inviting me to judge dogs at the 2018 DOTY. I was sad to the see the entry for this show. Gone are the days where 200-300 Danes attended the show. Such a shame. Congratulations to the main winners. Firstly, the negatives. I found several dogs with dirty coats, unkempt nails, and one that kindly shared a flea with me. As they say you never see a single flea they are all married with families. This is a beauty show, if you were     showing yourself would you not bath, trim your nails and check for nits. I found a lot of loose eyes. Poor shoulder placements. Lack of muscle which affected movement. On the positives sportsmanship was good and I was pleased with all my class winners.

MPD. 3 (0 abs)1 st . Donnelly: Primus Breakin Out. 7-month Fawn. Correct head with excellent stop, dark tight eye, correct dentition, head was balanced, good neck into shoulder, nicely filled front, excellent depth of brisket. tree trunks legs, great bone lacked a bit of angulation behind, but this should improve as he matures. Very sound on the move, he was well handled and he behaved impeccably and showed his socks off. Certainly, one for the future. I could not resist him. And was pleased to award him, Best Dog. Best Puppy Dog and with my co judge Reserve best in show. Best opposite sex. What a stunner.2 nd Donnelly: Primus Breakin Rules. Brother of the 1 st . These two will change places on different days, preferred head of 1, excellent head into neck, nice topline, forechest and depth. Not as strong in head as 1. But he did have better angulation. Moved well but not as together as 1. Will be watching these youngsters with interest.3rd : Parks Rayjen Play the Ace.

PD 1 ( 0 Abs) 1 st Allens: Dramadanes George Clooney. Black lad of almost 12months. Solid young man, expressive head. Good neck into shoulder. Lacked in forechest, topline OK. Croup slightly rounded. Well-muscled behind but needs more angulation. Movement could be better. feet need to be tighter. But there are things to work on.

JD 7 (4 abs) 1 ST Newtons Shalarra Smooth mover JW. Upstanding Fawn boy of 14months. Correct head, dark eye, good stop and ear placement. Very good neck into shoulder. Filled front. And enough depth. he held his topline on the move. Excellent croup. Ample angulation, feet could be tighter. He is at the teenage stage not quite balanced at the moment. Another year on his back and he will improve and mature. And take top honours. Looking forward to seeing him. Well turned out. considered for RBD. 2 ND Bithell. Bourntwyn Rags to Riches. Another who is at an awkward stage at 16months there is more to come. Today his mind was not on showing. he was a bit of a Pratt. And did not show to his best. Tall upstanding dog. Dark eye. Expressive head. Long neck into shoulder, front is maturing. Good topline, reasonable croup and angulation. Beautiful feet and well trimmed nails. Another who can only improve with a year on his back. Shows excellent promise. 3 rd Kingsley Mafimafi Perfect Timing for Dainoak AI (imp Aus)

Maiden 0 entries

Novice 0 entries

Graduate 0 entries

YD 2 (1abs) 1 st Mackenzie Carsan Bootstrap Bill. Black dog 19months old. substantial young man. Dark eye and expressive head. correct stop, enough drop of lip. Would prefer a longer neck into shoulder. Nicely filled front. Topline ok. Slightly rounded croup. Enough angulation. Quite a balanced boy. Length to height ratio. Let down by movement.

PG 3 entries (0 abs) 1 st Robinson Preveli Be Yourself. Almost 5 yrs. Head was grey which made him look distinctive. Nicely head with dark eye, would prefer a longer neck. Beautiful topline and croup. Adequate angulation rear feet slightly turned out. Moved ok. 2 nd Lawson/ Hunter Dundesert Eriksson Droolakis. 2year old fawn expressive head. Reasonable dark eye. lacking a bit of forechest and front angulation. Neck into shoulder ok. Would prefer a little more depth of brisket. Standing he has a dipping topline and rounded croup. Fair angulation did not move as well as 1. 3 rd Hugills Shalace the Maestro.

LD 5 (2 abs) 1 st Griffin/ Grierson Griffindane Athos. 18month Fawn. Well balanced head. With a very expressive head. Well filled front, and good depth of brisket. Neck into shoulder ok. Again would prefer a longer neck, topline was good, very rounded croup. Needs a lot more angulation behind. Feet could be tighter.Won this class on movement. 2 nd Dysons Samdice My Hero. 2 ½ yrs. old Fawn. Dark muzzle, head ok. But would prefer less wrinkle on the nose and shoulder, just spoils the overall look, shoulder placement is ok, good depth of brisket, topline fine. Croup could be less steep. movement could be better. Toeing badly and flicking his feet, 3 rd Bollons Daysue Born Ready

VD 1 st Flanagans Dainmajik Dante for Soupury 8 ½ yr old Mantle who certainly enjoyed his day. Lovely old grey face. So expressive. Surprised when I asked him to move. Went of like a rocket, dragging his handler around. So lovely to see. 2 nd Robinsons Preveli Manos. Another elderly gentleman at 8yrs Fawn lad. Again, an expressive head, not the movement of 1. I love the oldies and would have loved to have given them both firsts.

SOFawn 2 (0 abs) 1 st Ingrams Dainmajik The Wizard (AI) correct head and expression. Shoulder could be better, depth of brisket was fine. Reasonably filled front, topline and angulation were fine, moved well to take the class.2 nd Robinson Preveli Be Yourself (1 st PG)

SOBrindle 3 (2 abs) Harrisons Droolakiss re Attraction Via Emaneaz.4 ½ yrs Well marked Brindle. Certainly, a lot of size substance. Balanced head and tight eye. Long neck into shoulder. Well filled front. Slightly dippy when standing but held his topline on the move, could do with more angulation behind. Moved OK. Shame about his broken front toe.

SOBlue 3 (1 abs) 1 st Peppers Sarawen Arch Deacon. 3 ½ yr. Substantial boy. Not the tallest, dark tight eye. Correct head. Well filled front. Would prefer an longer neck into shoulder. Topline ok. And angulation fine, he moved well, and this won him the class. 2 nd Simpsons Renescent Reyt Good. 14 months youngster. he needs time to mature, liked his head planes, good length of muzzle and drop of lip, good neck into shoulder, front angulation could be better. Good topline goes slightly off at croup. Rear angulation is adequate. Afraid movement let him down.

SOBlack 3 (0abs) 1 st Peppers Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen Correct head and dark eye. Good drop of lip. Neck into shoulder was good. Well filled front and depth of brisket. Topline was good which he held on the move angulation was fine, moved out well. Well deserved RBD 2 nd Mackenzie Lamborghini von der Kieselbachquelle (imp Deu) Good job I had to write it and not pronounce his name. it would be a big fail on my part. Well headed dog. Could do with forechest quite narrow. Topline is not his fortune. Angulation as adequate. He enjoyed his day out and, on the move, 3 rd Bollons Bandwar For Aces High.

SO Harli 2 (0 abs) 1 st Cooks Ziran Zlatico. 3yrs substantial Harli boy. Who looks like he loves his food, nice expression head wise. Adequate drop of lip. Would like a tighter eye, well filled front. And good depth. would prefer a longer neck. Topline was ok, better croup than 3 and moved well. 2 nd Allens Elgasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond ( imp Deu) Not the head of one. And narrower although. Enjoyed himself but was all over the place when moving.

SOMantle 3 (1abs) 1 st Burton Ravendane Deal Me in with Elbarevol. Nearly 2 yrs old. Well marked mantle nice collar, and white front. Good drop of lip and correct head planes. Good depth and filled front. Topline, and croup adequate. Moved well, presented in excellent condition, white was white and the black was shiny.2 nd Kelleway Damarkann Marquiste. Nice head shape. Would prefer a tighter eye. again well marked, not the substance of 1 and did not move as well. Again, in excellent coat.

Open 1( 1abs).