What a fabulous idea to showcase the different colours separately like this. I had a lovely day with a super entry and was very well looked after so my thanks to the committee for making it such a special occasion.


PD (1) and BPIC Brooke Springtime a well handled 10 mth pup with a clean and elegant outline although body needs to mature on as he is currently a little lacking in forechest and depth of chest but his head is developing nicely and all in proportion, he is well boned all through with a good bend of stifle and surprisingly strong in hock for his age which allowed him to move soundly and with animation.  

JD  (1)  Brooke Springtime

PGD (3,1abs) 1 Creek Danes Out Of The Darkness At Droolakiss  strong male with a good head and eye and presented in top condition,  very pleasing in profile but at just 15 months I feel he still needs to develop all over and he is a touch overangulated in the rear leading to a slight weakness when moving way, but in profile he was sound and true displaying the required springy action, 2 Dainoak Dreams Of Blue At Dreamdiamont 3 yrs old and presented in hard condition, nicely arched neck of some length into a  good lay of shoulder, not as developed in forechest as the winner and a  touch longer cast, moved out soundly if a little restricted.

OD (2) 1 and BDIC, BIS Carsan Vincent strongly made boy but still with that touch of elegance, masculine head, broad but not overdone in any way, strong neck allowing for good head carriage, well developed in forechest with a good depth of chest, elbows tidy and well under his body,  firm level topline with strong croup and good tailset, long muscled quarters, such an effortless easy mover and in super coat and condition. Delighted to see him top the lot with BIS, congratulations.  2 Brooke Springtime

PB (0)

JB (2,1) 2 Dainoak Forever In Blue Genes (A1) 15mth and presented in fit, hard condition, good head shape and kind eye, would have liked better use of her ears, deep chest with good development in the fore and a firm topline, thighs of good length and strong quarters, moved soundly but I felt she was rather restricted by her handler.

PGB (2,1) 1 Annadanes Turkanan At Zebeldane 3yrs old with an attractive head of good proportions, high set ears and clean neck, deep through the chest with a moderate tuck up and good turn of stifle, I would have liked a stronger topline and she is a little wayward behind on the out and back but true enough in profile.

OB (3,1ab) 1 and BB Carsan Savannah  compact in outline with good bone and standing on strong legs and tight feet, attractive well proportioned head and a clean neck of good length,  firm topline and strong loin, carries herself well on the move going forward with a lovely spring in her stride 2 Dainoak Agent Provocateur Sh.CM a 5 yr mature girl and a close decision here, not quite as feminine in head as the winner but with a pleasing expression enhanced by good ears which were used to advantage, clean neck of good length with depth through the body and a firm topline, today I felt she wasn’t quite as free on the move as the winner.


PD (1)  1 and BPIC, RBPIS Dainoak Carpe Temptus I loved this boy who was rather naughty for his owner to begin with, well marked with a very nice head and expression, decent length of neck into long well laid shoulders, compact in body shape with enough hind angulation to balance him out.  Once he settled he moved out so well and with confidence.

JD (0)

PGD (1) 1 and BDIC Nordic Giants Leopold At Tamzdane (Imp) Handsome male all in proportion with a  super expression, I liked his outline which showed compactness and strength without coarseness,  well boned with straight forelegs and elbows well under, good cat feet,  he carried one of the best toplines here today and is firm in loin with a moderate amount of tuck up, very pleasing on the move with excellent hind action displaying good drive.

OD (2,1abs) Allours Majik OF Dainmajik a strong 3 yr male with excellent bone and theres no denying his sex! Strong well muscled body with depth to chest and well sprung ribs, excellent topline and strong broad loin, on the stack he stands rather wide in front which pushes his elbows out somewhat,  despite that, there is much to admire in him but today he was not entirely happy with the floor and therefore had to forego higher honours.

PB (2) 1  Fonblanque Fontanarossa In Alegriagiant  I quite liked this 11mth girl who I understand was attending her first show, I preferred her elegance to that of 2, although her head is not as developed. She has a lovely neck and well placed shoulders and was handled with the minimum of fuss to get the best of her, she just needs to gather a little more confidence but I found much to admire.  2 Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum 8mth well boned girl with feminine head traits, straight forelegs with strong pasterns and good feet, she is currently slightly tubular in body and lacks any form of tuck up at the moment which makes her looks a touch long, however she has a super topline and rear angles and covers the ground well with a spring in her stride.

JD (2) 1 Gracia Vom Dwergter Sand At Dainmajik 11 mth lightly marked girl of good size with an attractive well proportioned head and high set ears, slightly better developed in forechest than 2 long neck and a good lay of shoulder, topline can still firm up a touch more, well muscled second thigh and  strong low set hocks, strode out well in profile but needs to strengthen behind. 2 Leera Lucky Star Queen Of Harlequins (imp) 15mth who was rather unsettled, head not as developed as the winner and I would have liked a better expression, she has plenty of bone and excellent cat feet with well arched toes, topline is firm enough on the stand but tended to rise on the move but that said she moved out very well with a lovely spring in her stride.

PG (3,1abs) 1 Great Bels Get Dressed For Success Ajura (imp) rather an elegant girl and whilst she could have a touch more bone, she is very pleasing on the stack, I particularly liked her head and neck and she carries herself well on the move, she stands on straight forelegs and good feet with sufficient depth through the body and a firm topline leading to good croup, moves easily with a spring in her stride 2 Penelope Von Den Borkener Turmen At Dainoak (imp) smaller all over than the winner, feminine head of good proportions, straight forelegs and good feet, well ribbed but would benefit from carrying a touch more weight, strong quarters and hocks, moved soundly but I felt she was rather restricted and didn’t display the easy movement of the winner.

OB (3.1abs) 1 and BBIC Calchas Yodella Over Stagbatch  I really liked the shape of this bitch, she is beautifully balanced with head in proportion to body, she is of good size and with plenty of bone, deep through the body and well developed in forechest, good croup and hind angulation, a strong mover,  2 Alegriagiant Per Quella not quite the bone of the winner but a tad more elegant because of it, attractive head of good proportions, good depth of chest and firm topline but too long in croup and  just a little throaty which detracted from the overall picture.


PD (3,1) 1 Devorin Washington Via Leamap 6mths old and the most together of the 2 on the move,  head shape is as it should be and he has such an appealing kindly expression, straight forelegs and nice cat feet, needs to firm in topline but with a good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, very sound on the move and fairly well together despite his age. 2 Danskerven Nightwatchman, not quite the shape or balance of the winner being a touch upright in shoulder, head is developing well and he has a good neck and topline, moderate in rear angles with low set hocks but needing to strengthen behind,

JD (1) 1 Danskerven Nightwatchman

PG (0)

OD (1) 1 and BDIC Renescent Caught In A Spell (AI) 2 yrs old and pleasing in outline and presenting in gleaming coat and condition, handsome head with good width and dark eye with sufficient fill underneath, straight forelegs to cat feet but a tad weak in pasterns and standing a little e/w on occasion, deep enough in chest with firm topline and good hind angulation, strode out well around the ring,

PB (2,1) 1 Zebeldanes Paint It Black A very pretty girl whose head needs to develop and strengthen as one would expect at her age but she has a very appealing expression coming from her dark eyes, neck is of good length and slightly arched and she stands on straight forelegs with tidy elbows and cat feet, topline needs to strengthen. An elegant mover with good carriage and particularly good in front but needs to strengthen behind.

JB (2) 1 and BB, BPIC and BPIS Renescent Cream Of The Crop  I really liked this young girl, she has size and elegance and moved beautifully once she got into her stride. Head is developing nicely and she has a lovely dark eyes and a good earset, arched neck into well laid shoulder, topline could still firm up a touch more but she has a good croup and long sloping thighs with strong hocks allowing her to move with good action and the more she settled the better she got. One with a bright future I would have thought and I was delighted to see her awarded BPIS from Christina Chapman, congratulations.  2 Malbecio Rioja there is much to like about this young girl, her head is feminine but with broadness and she has a lovely dark eye, slightly shorter in body than the winner and better in topline, she did insist on pacing around the ring and was rather unsettled to begin with, however by the second class she had settled well but unfortunately had no competition.

PGB (2,1abs) 1 Malbecio Rioja

OB (2,2)


JD (1,1)

OD (1) 1 and BDIC CH Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol  A super example and a worthy champion, elegant on the stack excellent head and neck, very good mantle markings,  super topline and croup, well muscled quarters and strong hocks, very sound and moving with good strides.