THE MIDLAND AND WEST OF ENGLAND GDC 2018  70TH YEAR CELEBRATION AUCTION  To be held in the lunch break at the auction table

If You cannot make the show and would care to make a private bid, please email me  or PM sandy.lipman.5 here on  facebook    (I will take your lowest and highest bid on each item)

1. ‘A Danes Tale’ Bronze.  donated by Sculptor Gary Spiers to the value of £150

2. Signed Print donated by Jerry Lobato , created for the GDC of America Nationals . A collectors piece  valued at $150 (Reserve .£100)

3. Sterling Silver Dane Head and Necklace by Jeweller ‘Omar’ (USA), donated by Sandy Lipman to the vlaue of £150 (Reserve £100)

4. Original Painting in Oil or Watercolour, of a subject of your choice to the value of £250, donated by Sandy Lipman BA Hons (Fine art)

5. Watercolour Painting of 5 Great Dane heads and a puppy, representing all colours, donated by Elaine Hyde  to the value of £250

6. Engraved Glass Voucher to the value of £100 donated by Sheena Booth

7. Hair Product Hamper, donated by Hooker & Young

8. Deluxe Chistmas Hamper, donated by  Your  Committee

9. Name a Dane, we have 2 fawn (ABCD)and 2 brindle (EFGH) cutouts to be made for the ringside at our Colour Format Show. One side could have the name and likeness, commemorating your special Dane.

1 2 3 4 8 6 7 5 This is just an example  as no actual image available.