Saturday 15th November 2008 

The concept of the Super Match came from Tony Schaanning Ling and it was agreed that this would be a lovely addition to our Diamond Anniversary Celebrations.

To qualify for an invitation, each exhibit must have won a Challenge Certificate between Dane of the Year 2007 – 2008.  Only the top 16 qualifiers were invited to attend. It was a little disappointing that 7 of these top Danes were unable to attend the event, for one reason or another, but we are grateful for those that did arrive to compete.

The three judges to preside over the occasion were:- Mrs Ann Arch, Mrs Sylvia Burton and Mr Rick Day.

In Round one, the 16 dogs numbers were pulled out of a hat in pairs for the selected judge to go over them, due to the high absenteeism the majority of dogs automatically proceeded through to Round two.

Round 3 saw - Selmalda She Looks to Me Through Samdice v Internos Challenger JW and Ch. Samdice Dream On v Ch. Jaydania Just a Showman JW.

The finalists competing for the ultimate accolade were Internos Challenger JW and Ch. Samdice Dream On. – Dyson’s Ch. Samdice Dream On winning the title of M&WEGDC 2008 Super Match - Best In Show.

Prize money, donated by an anonymous donor, together with a Porcelain Plate was presented to all exhibitors.  Jeff and Sylvia Burton kindly donated engraved “diamond” trophies to the Winner and Runner up.

Mr Alan Walker officiated as photographer, accompanied by his wife, Kath.  Thank you Alan for helping us to celebrate and for also working for your supper!

The audience then proceeded to retire to the bar whilst waiting for the Dinner Dance to begin.  The evening commenced with a speech by Chairman Helen Hankins who gave thanks to all attending helping us to make this a great occasion, a bouquet of flowers was presented to Marion Simpson Wyeth who was celebrating a very young birthday in tiara and boa feathers!  Mr David Cottrell then took the floor and delved lightly back into the history of the Club, fondly remembering Nellie Ennals and Margaret Everton from the first edition of Daneite.  He praised the committee on the amount of events that they had held during this celebration year and took a moment to reflect on the extensive number of years of hard work and dedication that our President, Mrs Sylvia Burton, has given to the Club.  Grace was spoken by Tony McNeill.

The meal was delicious, hot and quickly served by the staff of the Chace Hotel.  Token gifts were given to all the guests together with a free raffle draw.

Jeff Luscott was our DJ and as usual the Daneites boogied the night away on the dance floor – these guys and gals sure know how to party.

It was unfortunate that Tony and Julie Schaanning Ling were unable to attend this event but the news of its success was quickly sent on to Tony, together with the Table Menu’s which guests had written little quirks and messages on.  Tony was absolutely thrilled to receive these, so “thank you” to the person who thought of that brilliant idea.